ProjectBlog: Montreal: HUM(AI)N

Blog: Montreal: HUM(AI)N

Phi Centre stages a new artificial intelligence exhibit

When: May 28 — September 15
Where: Phi Centre, 407 Rue Saint-Pierre, Montréal, QC H2Y 2M3, Canada
Price: $16.68–25.50; 13+

Tags: #VR, #AI, #interactive, #ContentAdvisory, #MobilityAdvisory (see below)

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With the rise of virtual reality, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and their effects on human enhancement, we are closer than ever to becoming demigods, mastering our own destiny through technology. A new question must now be asked: what does it mean to be human, more than human?

HUM(AI)N is a meditation on an impending reality in which machines are not separate, but a part of us. Featuring some of the world’s latest and most innovative technology-based artworks, the exhibition activates the movements of the body by challenging the heart and the human faculties of the mind — faculties that are increasingly being enhanced, altered, and shaped by technology. Welcome to the future.

Each ticket grants access to the exhibition for a 3-hour time slot. Tickets for the last departure of the day only grant access for a 2-hour time slot.

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Office facilities provided by Thymele Arts, in Los Angeles, CA.

Contact Level: None

Content Advisories: Mature themes including suicide, sexual harassment, drug use. Strong scents may also be used in one piece.

Some pieces may encourage/require locomotion.

Please read the health and safety warnings documentation.

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