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Exploring Growth in the context of mind, technology, environment and society!

After 6 months of scribbling at the back of napkins and philosophising over beer, wine and coffee, here is the Mind vs Nevermind model to explore the notion of sufficiency and growth in the context of organizations and society.

Mind vs Nevermind model

The Conscious & Living Quadrant

To understand notions of growth and sufficiency I first created a living / conscious quadrant!

I) Mind the matter

The first quadrant refers to the unconscious matter which are product innovations and refer to material excellence. The measure of excellence is efficiency ! Frugal innovations have a high degree of ingenuity while minimizing resources.

II) Mind the mind

The second quadrant refers to unconsious living entities which are “traditional” companies. And the measure of excellence is productivity! In this quadrant we need to measure performance and output. In the face of ambiguity and uncertainty it’s agility and flexibility that helps keep up productivity.

III) Mind Matters

The third quadrant refers to the conscious living entities which are humans, communities and all other products of Nature. The measure of excellence in this case is adaptability and learning. Laws of nature govern the adaptability and organic growth of human potential and community organizations.

IV) Nevermind

The fourth quadrant refers to non-living consciousness which are intelligent machines and artificial intelligence ! In this case the measure of excellence is Ethics. The main concerns with artifical intelligence is the distribution of liberty of choice, power and social equality.

The Golden circle of Sufficiency

Where you draw the fine golden line determines the fine balance between growth and sufficiency. How Much Land Does a Man Need anyway ?

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