ProjectBlog: Microsoft, Google, And Sony Invests In Artificial Intelligence For The Future Of Gaming – Z6Mag

Blog: Microsoft, Google, And Sony Invests In Artificial Intelligence For The Future Of Gaming – Z6Mag

Game of Thrones Winter is Coming game has been launched weeks after the release of GOT Season 8 trailer which is celebrated by avid fans all over the world. Now, the hype heightens as the news of its game version was made possible by China-based Yoozoo Games with a vision to dominate the entertainment world.

GOT Winter is Coming is a real-time strategy game intended for PC browsers collaborated under the licenses of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and HBO.

What is the game all about?

The story of the game begins after the death of Eddard Stark, with players acting as the new Westeros Lord or Lady in his/her stead. Characters from Game of Thrones can also be found across each level having their own skill sets and bands of soldiers, as well as, followers. Players can form their allies, and recruit them into their ranks so its influence and knowledge can beat the enemies.

The game’s ultimate goal is to build an impenetrable base by training several armies and recruit loyal followers from a pool of iconic characters. As the game progresses, players must be wise enough to acquire power, money, and influence needed to subdue the iron throne.

The fun thing about this game is that players can invite friends also to build an army and compete with other lords and ladies to conquer castles. If the player has achieved to become the ‘Lord’ or ‘Lady’ of the Seven Kingdoms, they will be able to perform an ‘upgrade.’

The new game gives avid fans the chance to take on the identities of GOT characters such as Tyrion Lannister, visit remarkable spots like Castle Black, and experience some of the show’s memorable events like the Red Wedding, the birth of the dragons, and even Jon Snow’s encounter with the white walkers.

Furthermore, in certain game modes, it would be possible that players will be witnessing GOT stories unfold in real time. If players are good enough, they will have the chance to unlock exclusively hidden storylines through a wide variety of PvE (player vs. enemy). Interested people can play the game via any web browser, since ‘browsing games are still a thing’ today.

With all of the current hit TV series and Hollywood movies in the entertainment world that some gaming companies could capitalize on, why is it that it took advantage of Game of Thrones series?

Game of Thrones, based on Martin’s five novels has already won 47 Primetime Emmy Awards including Outstanding Drama Series three times in a row, more than any primetime scripted TV series. Aside from the fact that it has surpassed the popularity of HBO’s Sopranos, and its Season 7 had garnered almost 30 million viewers per episode. It means that Yoozoo Gaming Company is wise to choose based on the popularity of the show. Even in blogs and podcasts, the show is so enormously popular that millions will continue to discuss and review the gaming version of GOT.

It runs over 170 countries and has been illegally downloaded more than any program has ever been. Hence, the idea resonates the fact that the GOT Game will more likely be a phenomenon in different countries worldwide. Further, as several critics have predicted, the gaming version was guaranteed a certain degree of success because George R. R. Martin’s books were becoming a phenomenal hit by 2011. The books have been on New York’s Time Best Seller List according to the International Committee of the Fourth International and sold 70 million copies worldwide. With that amount of recognition, it mirrored how hooked people are on the show, and that supporters will most likely spend as much on its gaming equivalent.

Another thing why Yoozo decided to take a risk on a GOT game is because of Daenerys Targaryen, the female heroine of the show. Unlike other common games, most of its heroes or main protagonists are mostly represented by men. This can be a way for a feminine image to be somehow featured in a game where a woman as influential as Daenerys can lead thousands of armies and soldiers. The female fans of GOT will be most likely to feel empowered which then create equal representation between men and women in the entertainment field.

There are also supernatural and mystical elements of the show that draws everyone’s attention, and if this will be incorporated in a game, the settings, as well as storylines, will have a significant impact on the overall aura of the said game. Daenerys’ fire-breathing dragons, an invasion by telepathically manipulated undead from the coldest part of the north, assassinations carried out by evoking evil spirits, a boy merging with animal and tree spirits and the dead coming back to life, are just some of the magically crafted events in the show that can make the game more interesting.

Lastly, the darkness of the show reflecting the events happening in the everyday realities of life is another factor to consider. People can relate to war, violence, social inequality, and the ruthlessness of the rich and shamefulness of the poor presented in the show. If these will be put in a game’s context, people’s animosity towards violence and other unlawful happenings in the show will be lightened. As the GOT game will put it into a lighter way, showcasing modes in a more entertaining approach of conquering castles compared with the show’s dangerous nature.

Today, fans are excited to see the last and final episode of GOT Season 8, which will premiere on April 14. Both the game and the show will undoubtedly gather huge revenue, as well as, popularity in the entertainment world. However, the difference is that the show ends on its Season finale and will stop making proceeds, but the game will continue making history.

So, if playing Game of Thrones on your browser isn’t your idea of fun, there will be a smartphone version coming soon in collaboration with Tencent.

Source: “artificial intelligence” – Google News

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