ProjectBlog: MELiUS Recognized in the Top List of World’s Fastest Growing Companies

Blog: MELiUS Recognized in the Top List of World’s Fastest Growing Companies

MELiUS Recognized in the Top List of World’s Fastest Growing Companies

The future of learning and education lies in utilizing new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain As we continue to put forth a progressive ecosystem for learning in the digital age, we at MELiUS are pleased to announce that we’ve been recognized as among the world’s fastest growing 30 companies by ‘The Silicon Review’.

The Silicon Review, one of the world’s most trusted online and print communities for business and technology professionals featured companies such as Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google, Alibaba, Facebook, Airbnb, and more for successfully building some of today’s most innovative and used platforms that continually evolve. And this 2019, it has recognized us, MELiUS, for our innovative operating system that transforms the online education industry.

Those who create trends are way different from those who follow.

MELiUS has been that company since we started. The award by ‘The Silicon Review’ bears testimony to our commitment to forging a new future for learning and education by utilizing cutting edge technologies.

Our success revolves around our unique online products and services and our people-powered community. With the power of AI and blockchain, we will continue to create groundbreaking ways of learning that are transparent, decentralized and empowering.

“We are extremely honored to have been listed in the Silicon Review’s top list of the world’s fastest growing companies for 2019. Our deep appreciation goes to everyone who has supported our mission, and our success in the past few months,” said the Founding Members.

“Our vision is to create a self-sustaining community by creating not only infrastructure but also access to world-class information that is relevant. We provide the tools — all in one place that is accessible for anyone to take each individual to the next level — regardless of their background. We strongly focus on the growth of our people in the organization as well as those who form the community.”

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