ProjectBlog: Meeting minutes — Automated

Blog: Meeting minutes — Automated

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Acta( helps you make meetings more productive with less execution delays by quick and faster follow-ups in due time by providing the automated minutes of the meeting.

Meetings are an invaluable part of the corporate journey. But more often, we end up being part of unproductive meetings. I was once part of a Business Transformation meeting and was asked to jot down the MoM. While I did so manually, I wanted to contribute to the discussion and make my presence felt. I couldn’t and felt my presence was unproductive to the organization.

What happens is that this leads to missing out on crucial decisions and action points. Even the follow-ups to designated action points is not done and when the next meeting happens, there’s no way to recap the previous meeting conversation. What’s the end result?

This leads to loss of productive time & money, leading to undue execution delays. This could ultimately affect the reputation of organizations or teams.

A typical meeting would be digressive at times, filled with white noise. That translates to tangible losses for the organization in the form of opportunity loss, execution delays which lead to missing out on quick time to market & an unsatisfied customer. Your team is nowhere as agile as it should be.

Well, Team Acta is here to automate the recording & generation of meeting minutes by leveraging AI & NLP. The end result we assure is uninterrupted time for ideation & discussion leading to productive utilization of your team’s time.

How do we do it?

Through, what we call as ROBO, a virtual meeting assistant that leverages a mix of AI and NLP. This ROBO records your entire meeting, giving you an opportunity to recap, generates meeting minutes classified as decisions, action points & keynotes and helps you assign clear action points within your team. Needless to say, auto follow-up of action points is also done by ROBO itself in due time. There’s a clear benefit here. All your team members are fully involved in the meeting, thereby contributing their worth and making it even more productive.

If you ask us whether ROBO is needed at all, we would say yes. Given a chance, wouldn’t you want to cut down on the resources assigned to a team with the assurance of making it even more productive and agile? That’s what ROBO is all about.

We have made using Acta’s ROBO quite an intuitive experience with minimalistic involvement of the target user. All you need to is just invite ROBO virtually to your meeting and see the magic unfold. ROBO joins as a silent participant & records the entire meeting, generating an mp3 file. The ROBO then processes the entire meeting transcript & generates classified meeting minutes using AI & NLP. The action points identified are assigned within your team and delivered to JIRA, Agilean or Salesforce. ROBO is not a mere BOT in the literal sense. It will also be telling you whether your meeting was productive or not, through sentiment analysis.

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