ProjectBlog: Meet Omnidya at Collision 2019

Blog: Meet Omnidya at Collision 2019

We’ll Give You Our Autographs if You Give Us Yours

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Omnidya CEO/Founder Kumar Patel with Co-Founders Dave Thrash and Akshay Vacchani

Next week, you can meet us during Collision 2019 from May 20–23 in Toronto.

We were at Collision last year and it was great. But we’ve come a long way since then and are really pumping it up this year — so if you want to schedule a meeting to talk biz over some Tim Hortons (or whatever you prefer), pop us an email at

Now, here’s what’s new with us.

Refresh & Revamp

We launched the first Omnidya beta in August of 2018. It didn’t go that well. BUT we learned a lot. So what did we do? We sexied ourselves up and designed a new platform UI for our beloved customers, in addition to completely revamping our website.

Now, everything is smoother and much easier to navigate. So check us out. Learn more about us. Discover how we use artificial intelligence to clone you so you can spend time being your glamorous self on a yacht in the French Riviera and not worry about searching for the best insurance deal for your home back in Blythe (wink, hint).

New Partnerships

In addition to our partnership with Matic Insurance (through which we’re able to provide you with the best quotes from the top 15 insurance providers), we’ve got several new partnerships on the go.

What does this mean? Our technology is cooler and soon, you’ll be able to shop through the Omnidya platform for insurance deals on more things. What things? We can’t tell you yet.

But zoom zoom.

Where We Are Now

We’re still based in Los Angeles, as we haven’t yet fatally succumbed to the smog.

But we’re also gearing up to enter the marketplace in 7 states, while looking to close our late-seed round of $2 million dollars.

Interested in learning more? You can check out our latest newsletter here.

Want to meet us at Collision 2019? Email our team at or directly reach out to our CEO at

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