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Blog: Meet 1 on 1 with Evisort CEO at CLOC 19 Today!

Evisort is at CLOC 2019.

Hi! Jerry here, CEO and Founder of AI-powered contract management company, Evisort. I’m meeting one-on-one with legal operation professionals who are curious to learn more about how recent advances in AI can be helpful in transforming legal ops for your department. I’ll be right here, at CLOC 19 at The Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, today, May 14.

To grab time on my calendar, send me an email at info@evisort.com.

I’m excited to meet you in person in Vegas to chat about some of the most common comments I hear every day as an AI professional. Feel free to stop by and talk about these topics or anything else that’s important to you:

1. How legal departments are leveraging AI for record keeping, search, and tracking data inside of their contracts.

  • Many legal departments are still manually tracking and searching for information within their contracts.
  • Learn how AI can automatically track key data in contracts and do custom reporting.
  • How AI is able to extract insights from 3rd party paper

2. The importance of having one centralized repository, a single source of truth.

  • Many legal departments have their contracts stored in multiple locations across their organization. Learn about the benefits of having all of your contracts in one place.
  • Learn how to reduce human error in managing contracts this way
  • Learn how companies are utilizing the insights from data in their contracts to drive better business decisions

3. How to accurately transform scanned documents to word documents using AI-based OCR

  • Traditional OCR still isn’t the most accurate when it comes to tasks like extracting data from an imperfect scanned document. Learn how AI-based OCR helps to vastly increase the accuracy in data extraction
  • Traditional OCR isn’t the best when it comes to interpreting table formats. Learn how AI-based OCR helps maintain table integrity during data extraction.
  • Traditional OCR is known to make common misspellings and errors during extraction. Learn how AI-based OCR can act as an added layer of protection against these errors.

4. How to mitigate risk during contract review using AI

  • Benefits of using AI to assist and protect against human error in the contract review process.
  • How companies are using AI to analyze the risk factors in a 3rd party contracts before signing.
  • How companies are utilizing AI to auto-determine whether the language in third party documents is non-compliant with their contracting policy.

If you have some time today, come see me at The Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas at CLOC 19. I still have some slots left, so grab time on my calendar by shooting me a quick email at info@evisort.com.

To learn more about Evisort and how we can transform your legal operations through the innovative use of AI, visit our website or fill out our convenient online form. I’m excited to see you at CLOC 19!

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