ProjectBlog: Large Data Sets, Improve AI ‘Learning’

Blog: Large Data Sets, Improve AI ‘Learning’

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Turns out to be true for humans as well.

Have you ever read an Encyclopedia?

Have you read the Bible, Koran, Bhagavad Ghita, Upanishads, Sun Tsu?

Have you read over 3,000 books yet? On anything? 10,000 magazines? Comics, newspapers, Histories, philosophies?

I have.

That is why now, with a massive dataset, my AI appears more Intelligent, and Less Artificial than most of my neighbors. It is not that my Brain has some special mutation, no.

All intelligence will appear ‘smarter’ if given big data sets in order to learn, and from which to draw observations, assumptions and conclusions.

Big Data sets lead to accuracy in predictions, and assessments.

In Artificial Intelligence we speak of silicon and possibly quantum computing technology. We talk of Neural Nets, the electrical demands and limits, and very finite models of what goes on in order to facilitate AI. All of this is done, still quite mysteriously, in a much more complex and elegant way inside our heads. As we explore what constitutes robust AI systems we run into the concept of Deep Learning from massive data sets. This is a large portion of the basis for the recent rise in the usefulness of AI systems.

Well, Folks, Humans are Artificially Intelligent too!

And without a massive Data Set, well you are considerably more Artificial and less Intelligent.

This is more than simply stating that you need to read more.

You need to be open to new, and open to what really is, and capable of receiving more in a wider spectrum of ideas, sources and references.

When you were a baby you were a sponge for massive new data sets through as many inputs and sources as you could possibly acquire. You were an explosion of growth, cellular, neural connectivity, cognitive and motor function, muscular strength and intellectual complexity.

If you desire being massively intelligent, then you need to get back to your inner baby, Baby!

You get new data if you keep your eyes and ears open in every aspect of your life. Intelligence is your ability to process that data and make use of it in future encounters. In each experience, you acquire more data and apply that in conjunction with the changing experience to the next, and the next, et, al, ad infinitum. Which means, regardless of where you are, you are much further along the intelligence spectrum tomorrow. The more data you can manage to absorb from a day of experiences, as in consciously absorb, the better your conclusions and awareness will be tomorrow. It’s as simple and as hard to do as that. I suggest pushing your time and temperament window on this one.

There is only one measuring stick and that is your yesterday.

How else can you gauge your personal improvement? Anyways in the mind and data game, it’s too esoteric to rationally compete with anyone else anywhere. You have no idea what they have done or go through to be what they appear to be today. Since you cannot possibly know what they really know or are aware of, or even if they know themselves, you cannot measure your own progress against them. So you can only compete with yourself, you can only measure against your yesterday self.

Your system has no upward limit or capacity. Unlike any machine AI based on some machine limitations and computational limits, your machine in your head continues to improve and add complexity when demanded, throughout your life. You perform upgrades on your ‘Hardware’ when you improve your ‘Software’. You improve your software with ever larger Data Sets.

Whereas now, with AI we are talking about systems with singular properties. Face Recognition AI is not winning games of GO, the trivia AI ‘Watson’ of Jeopardy fame, is not passing the Turing Test in conversations with humans.

You, on the other hand, are an integrated system of Strong or Impaired AI systems working together so seamlessly you cannot usually discern one from another. Strong systems are based on Good Data Sets, Impaired ones based on false judgments of self, Dogmas, Restrictions, Emotional Trauma, Defended Values. All of your Strengths are based on Data Set size, and All of your Impairments, on the restriction, or absence of certain data sets. More data has the potential to repair your limitations and boost your strengths.

So, AI buddy, how conscious and aware are you of this simple truth in regards to your own level of Intelligence?

I look around and with my curiosity, willingness to be wrong, exploration of anything especially that which is unknown, and a bit of inner reflection and defenseless exploration of my Impairments, that I am leaving the masses behind, unfortunately.

I cannot take them with me, and I need to because most of our species will fail the Turing Test. In an open winner takes all competition should be good for me. But in this case, we are all chained in the galley, together, on the same boat. (I know this to be true because of that massive data set I utilize to predict outcomes.) Their failure will seriously compromise any chance of success for all of us, regardless of how big our data sets are.

Life on earth is about to get tough because Humans are simply not smart enough to protect their best interests. Like environment and biodiversity, non-acidic oceans and polar ice caps, and not fracking the water filter our planet has for itself. Seriously? Fracking is really going deep, poisoning Earth’s recovery systems from catastrophic environmental degradation. Doing this act, simply to make money, requires either the complete disregard of huge true sets of data or the refusal to release it. It is a case for Artificial Unintelligence.

And there is a disturbing trend, as AI in computing is Boosting the Datasets, Humans are Diminishing them.

Take, for example, Antivaccine, Climate Change Deniers, Flat Earthers, Creationists, Nationalists, Naked Capitalists, Racists, Sexists. None of these values or beliefs encourage the use of open massive data sets.

In fact, all of them require a wholesale rejection of datasets, volumes, and categories. It is literally, the Human Intelligent Equivalent to Blinders. Aspects of the real world that cannot be seen or discussed. Where thought is not possible because what data is available is restricted, and or rejected out of hand.

People have actually believed that some knowledge should not be known. Reasons for this are varied but mostly based on protecting values too fragile to suffer full data exposure, or fear, that new data may shatter them.

To me this is absurd. I chew through stupid data all the time. Pretty much every time I turn on the Television.

In AI there is no bad data as long as that data is not contrived. In Human speak, all data is contrived. There should be no pre-discrimination of data quality since until you absorb it, it is impossible to determine that. You can read fiction, technical journals on science, religious doctrine and dialogues, or listen to the words of a fool. It all adds to your better understanding of the world in which you exist. After the fact, you can and automatically do, determine the value of the information and if your values or beliefs shatter, well that is a good thing.

Those values and beliefs were horribly inadequate to the true complexity of life, and like bars on a cage, once shattered, liberating for the person who tried like hell to live within them.

As we move forward together, I seriously recommend that you share this Idea with any close-minded people you meet. Have they really thought of the massive competitive edge and quality of self they lose by not being open to new information? How can this possibly be an advantage navigating our nuanced world?

I remember about 15 years ago talking to a Muslim man about the value of educating and providing equal rights to women. At the beginning of our dialogue, he was of the mind that women, belonged, raising children and building good homes, and were not for work. I posed to him the thanks of Rich, White, Ruling, Elite, Christians of the world who knew this thinking would marginalize the value of half of the adult population of his home country and forever hobble that nations ability to effectively compete on a world stage. This would forever make them the ‘bitch’ in all trade relationships.

For him, it was a mind-changing perspective. Made possible for his willingness to receive new information.

Since then I have seen the value that a family can get in preparing children by dedicating full time parenting to their children when they are so very young. (First 18 months) This has nuanced my view of women(or men) being valued as good household managers and caregivers. This was made possible because regardless of ‘how righteous’ I felt, I am always open to new views and data.

As the world speeds up, it creates heat and friction, and stress. You see it in the reactions of people to the world, more shootings, and bigger body counts, more riots and protests, more scandal, more sex, lies, and video recordings.

This increased friction generates an increase in failure of human AI models probably based on bad or weak datasets as much as anything else, in an ever more competitive system.

I am not competing with anyone other than my own better understanding of a complex and ever more uncertain future. I am simply stating that of all times to turn off and tune out data sets and be close-minded. Now is probably not a good one.

I actually cannot think of any time in history where doing so provides one with an advantage. Maybe during the inquisition, when having new knowledge could get you killed, but even then…

Are you overwhelmed with new data? Is the friction of an ever accelerating and busy world, overheating your processor?

Well, shutting off the data will only further impede your ability to address the data surge friction of this ‘overclocked’ world we live in.

Big Data Sets will make your AI systems more accurate and valuable, they will make you more accurate and valued. I recommend to all to absorb as much new data daily that you can process. And then have a little more. You will do yourself, your family and probably your world a huge favor.

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium

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