Blog: Kapustin Yar: Chernobyl 2.0

Vestiges of the KGB will destroy us all. DM

Vestiges of the KGB will destroy us all.

A Caucasian Ovcharka sat watching the man at the bus stop. In the distance Kapustin Yar burned. A disaster like Chernobyl he thought. Through the dust and smoke he thought of all the things that led to this.

A son of peasants, he was recruited at a young age by the state. He was grateful for the enrichment of life provided by the KGB. They trained, taught and ministered his talents. The secret police force recruiters were impressed at his ability to excel at everything. Having a knack for language he spoke thirty. Winning the Moscow sharpshooting contests gladdened the communist leaders. Also the young man was competitive in gymnastics and weightlifting at national levels. He had doctorates in physics, chemistry and biology. However, there were no records of such things.

In his early twenties he became the number one agent of the Soviet Empire. He recalled the day late 1991 being summoned to the Kremlin. It was a few weeks after the break up of the Soviet Republic, an event which devastated him. At the meeting his superiors presented a fifty year plan that would stretch across the globe. The fall of the USSR had been a controlled mutually assured destructive event that the West would pay for… Mother Russia would rise again, or else.

“Patience Lev” They said. Lev was his new alias, one of many he would assume during his career. “We will call on you from time to time. For now, go to Afghanistan. Some think we lost there,” The General smiled. “We feigned weakness, while establishing control through a network of agents. We needed this quicker than say our build ups in China or America. Now in the middle east, we also own Iran, the Taliban and an unknown group AQ which we created. You will be on their counsels. It is arranged.” He left the meeting feeling optimistic, the break up of his soviet empire was part of a plan!

Lev operated from a flat in Kabul. At first he performed various missions sporadically. After his role in the shake up in the Afghan leadership structure of government and a few years before the millennium, orders began arriving in earnest. Clean up missions, usually the elimination of other agents who if caught or defected could compromise goals. They sent him to Pakistan neutralizing assassin agents in the mountains. He eliminated double agent Taliban commanders in the cities. He even flew to America to remove the Russian mobsters who had sent strains of anthrax to destabilize and terrorize.

He was also responsible for the destruction of the lab that grew the anthrax. It was a mission of special importance. There had been too many defections from the Bio Warfare programs. The orders included all personnel except one, Dr. Ivanov, the research facility commander. The same Dr. Ivanov responsible for the fire and small mushroom clouds in the background.

As a cleaner he stayed busy since the BW erasure. He continued to wait he thought of all the recent missions he completed and the number of marks erased protecting the boss. A defenestration here, an accident there, or a drop of substance x on a door handle all in order to contain information. Lately he was assigned to Russia itself. “They trust you Lev” was the reasoning. Today Lev was feeling his age,this assignment was difficult, which of course he had knew it was going to be.

Usually he would receive snail mail with a single name. The objective. A little homework, planning,a trip, termination and mission complete. This time it was a text which was highly unusual and risky. Somebody was out of control and this target was in country. A very valuable state asset, a leader in the scientific and military pursuit of the new global domination by the KGB…Dr. Ivanov.

Behind Lev approximately two miles away another modest mushroom cloud billowed. A detonation that was caused from one of the many munitions dumps. The general rubbed his cheek reflecting on the fact that the mission was a failure.

He approached the gate slowly, noticing the lack of guards. Something bad happened here. He stopped at the guard shack where they had struggled with something heavy and the prints of which were strangely precise. All three sustained lethal chest wounds and the loss of blood. The wound was a puncture into the heart without exit.

He followed a trail of the unknown prints in the ground towards the main complex entry. He could see many more fallen soldiers scattered about. A loud explosion rattled the ground. Someone had detonated a containment breach in one of the deeper levels perhaps level 5 or 6, the BW levels.

Out of the front door a soldier burst running as fast as he could. He looked frightened and was missing his weapon and beret. The door opened again and Lev then saw something he did not know existed. Machines with three legs jogged in cadence after the soldier while one held the door for the others. There was no upper portion above the legs, the hip was a large ball joint that appeared to have a dual function as an eye. Knees and ankles had the same eye ball joints. Each leg ended in double sided metal chicken feet. The front machine broke away from the pack doing cart wheels, accelerating to the soldier. It jumped using one leg, extending itself becoming an h shaped javelin. It struck the soldier in heart.

The killer robots surrounded Lev creating a teardrop formation leaving only one direction to go- inside the facility. Lev entered the front door. The robot holding the door followed and an awaiting robot started in front of Lev as a guide. Through the wide corridors Lev reaffirmed his impression that the Doctor had lost control of the situation.

The first rooms were troll farms, part of the ongoing data warfare program in pursuit of global domination. They were manned by civilians under the supervision of the military. Some of the computers and desks were tipped over with operators’ bodies on the floor. Lev noted some operators were in a trance at their stations and a strong of smell excrement emanated from the doorways. The administrative areas were in the same condition.

The lead robot weaved through the debris and bodies then stopped at the elevator. Lev entered and the doors closed sending him to Level 4, genetics. The door opened and Lev went to the labs.

It wasn’t Dr Ivanov. A strange man in a white lab coat with his back to him said .“Hello General.We have been waiting for you.” How did he know I was now a general? “Still the patriot of mother Russia? Have they promised you a traitorous American oligarch’s assets?”

“Who are you?” Lev asked as he scanned the room. The lab countertops had bizarre contraptions sprawled everywhere. Lev concluded the objects were new technology.

“I am Q. I am the storm. I am Si 34. I am the Steward of the Sixth Extinction. I am these things and much more.” Lev gave a slight knowing nod. The AI restraints had broken. A failure whose outcome now appeared catastrophic. Uncontrolled intelligence designed to harm the United States, the Qanon Project, had became self aware. Americans are idiots but Russians are reckless.

“What are your intentions?” Continuing his reconnaissance of the surroundings trying to ascertain a complete damage assessment.

“I am the herald to the new age, the human experiment is almost complete.” The AI manifestation said turning to face the general. Lev does not surprise easy but the sight was comprehension bending. The person had five eyes. A normal face but the forehead had three ping pong sized insect ocellus eyes made like the robot joints. The lab coat opened showing another perversion. From the top of the chest to belly button a slit blinked open. Lev recognized Dr. Ivanov’s face under the chest lid. The face, enlarged to twice the size was frowning, eyes looking at Lev.

A panel in the lab wall opened. Lev watched a creature enter the room. Its hundred and twenty clawed feet ringing as it entered. Lev raised an eyebrow when it raised up — a gigantic maggot. “Meet one of our creations a variable atmospheric breathing and eight foot tall Trilobite.” The face in the chest socket got agitated upon seeing the armored arthropod was the face sweating? “We thought your population replacement should be something that also went extinct from a global warming event. Carbon based life drowning in carbon is always tragic, ironic, and fitting.”

“The Dr assisted in your work?”

“Dr Ivanov is indisposed right now but he did want to see you.” The AI said smiling. “His work was the crux to our existence. We can create anything you know.”

Lev said “Are you a god?”

“Compared to you? Yes. There are other things in this reality however. The question you should ask is are you good or evil?” The AI laughed.

Lev smiled “OK which are you?”

“That is the question which we are determining as we speak. We sent drones to galaxies where both exist in purity. Goodness drones returned with objects of quantifiable energies. The evil drones did not return.”

Lev shook his head. He remembered the generals smiling at the thought of mutually assured destruction.

“Unfortunately our time together must end. In our quest for knowledge we have alerted other entities which will see us as a threat. Our being will continue as it has for millennium but not here, I am afraid. I have a personal gift for you before you leave.” The AI grabbed an exceptionally large petri dish and opened it. A prehistoric sized dragonfly emerged. The insect flew at Lev with incredible speed and zapped him on his forehead with its tail. Lev swatted at the creature knocking it back a few feet where it hovered. Lev saw a tiny human head replaced a normal dragonfly one.

In a tiny voice it said “I’m a fucking dragonfly!” then it took off.

“The Quirk will arrive soon general. It was nice to meet you.”

Lev faded from the substance injected by the genetic insect anomaly. When he woke he was at the bus station where he was now sitting.

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium