The future workplace looks quite bleak for citizens with low-entry level jobs that do not have technical backgrounds. In four to five years its estimated and expected that common jobs such as taxi-drivers, truck drivers, call centre works, retail jobs, fast food restaurant cashiers, small local stores will loose there jobs to AI and massive technological companies such as Amazon,Facebook,Google etc.

The future brings conveinience a better quality of life, however it also brings problems that we will have to look at very closely to fix. The problem is that no ones looking at this. Workplaces will gain millions of dollars of revanue with the automation of menial tasks that occur in workplaces that are currently undertaken manually by your average citizen. Why pay a human being when a AI robot can do the job probably alot more productively and at zero cost? The decision is requires zerothought.

Everyones assuming that this change won’t happen over night and that policies and legislations will be in place to account for these technological revolutions but no ones talking about it? No senators/members of parliament, deomcratic parties, no workplaces, no ceos of massive companies. There will be large amounts of civil unrest in the population unless something is done to fix these issues. Human beings are currently loosing the war on production and conveinience to AI’s. This isn’t a bad thing, ultimately this is great for civilisation as a whole however we need to evolve our society as a result of this change.

Never before has AI’s being able to take over human positions in companies become so real. It’s an exciting future and a marvel to be around in the times where sciencefiction is actually becoming a reality but it brings alot more problems than whats talked about in sci-fi books and media. It falls to us as a society to make sure no one is left behind and we keep moving as a civilisation.

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium