ProjectBlog: Jeeng: World’s first Autonomous Marketing Platform powered by Watson AI services

Blog: Jeeng: World’s first Autonomous Marketing Platform powered by Watson AI services

This post was written by Jeeng and the IBM Alpha Zone Accelerator team.

Marketing is anything a business does in order to attract customers and sell products or services. Since the 1990s digital media is considered a relevant marketing channel, and became a prominent force a decade later. Nowadays digital marketing is crucial cornerstone in any marketing strategy. It allows connecting with relevant audiences in personal and meaningful ways and at a very large scale.
That is, of course, if you do it right!

Meaningful personalized connection with large audience requires a high level of technological abilities and marketing expertise, which most organizations do not possess. That is where Jeeng comes. Jeeng is the world’s first truly autonomous marketing platform. It uses Watson AI capabilities in order to make all the digital marketing decisions for that customer, without human intervention in the process.

IBM’s Watson Natural Language Understanding enables Jeeng to build hyper-personalized marketing campaigns by matching the right content for each user.

High Level Architecture
 From a bird’s eye view, the platform is basically one big complex feedback loop. If you chunk it up to main stages this is roughly what you get:

1. Jeeng receives engagement telemetries from end devices.

2. The Content Discovery & Analysis System analyzes new detected content using Watson Natural Language Understanding service. And this is actually Jeeng’s secret sauce. Because of the advanced capabilities of Watson’s Natural Language Understanding Jeeng is able to extract the relevant entities, concepts and emotions of virtually any content item they come across. Using Watson’s analysis Jeeng manages to create relevant user profiles and provide superior performance of hyper-personalized marketing campaigns.

3. Analyzed content is fused together with users engagement data on that content. Using various techniques user profiles are created.

4. In parallel, analyzed content is also reported to the notification system

5. The notification system then matches the reported content item to relevant users and sends a personalized notification campaign to relevant users.

6. The campaign management system monitors the performance of sent campaigns and adapts configurations.

About Jeeng

We worked hard on making our platform accessible to a wide range of businesses. That is why starting out with Jeeng is a quick and easy process like any 3rd party service a business would use online. Today Jeeng services many customers, from small startups to large enterprises, using state of the art technology. Our customers enjoy a significant increase in their marketing efforts while dramatically reducing operations and time expenditure in these areas. You can witness the power of Jeeng with Watson yourself.

Just go over to and open an account.

With an easy setup guide and quick implementation in your website you’ll be up and running in no time.

About IBM Alpha Zone Accelerator

IBM Alpha Zone Accelerator is a 20-week program that helps startups build leading solutions for the enterprise market. The program focuses on post-seed and Round A-funded startups with the aim to create long-term technology and business partnerships with IBM worldwide.

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