ProjectBlog: It is possible that AI may destroy the human race, says Robot Expert

Blog: It is possible that AI may destroy the human race, says Robot Expert

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By Isabel Ng, 15 Jan 18

“I believe the movie Future Humans would come true, that the creator of an AI robot would be immediately killed by its invention once it is created,” said Mak Hin Yu at Shue Yan University at an assembly today.

In 2017, Stephen Hawking had delivered a speech on technology-control to prevent it from destroying the human race, and said humans need to find a way to identify potential threats quickly, before they have a chance to escalate and endanger civilisation.

Our company adopted a prudent approach towards the autonomy and intelligence level of robots to prevent the robots being “too intelligent”, said Mak.

Roborn Dynamics Limited promotes the latest humanoid robot technology which is a break through to the traditional control boundary. The company latest humanoid robot series ME is based on the breakthrough in motion detection control technology.

“With this technology, we can control the robot freely and easily by simply moving our hands and fingers, even when the robot and us are far apart from each other, said Mak.

It was all about conveniency, with this robot you do not have to travel 12 hours to the US to have meeting with your partner as your robot can help you to reduce the distance barrier, said Mak.

However, every invention came with some cons as well, you may reduce the contact with the people around you and depend too much on the robot, just like we were too attached to our smartphones, said Mak.

In Hong Kong, some experts might say that service robots were essential due to human shortage. In my point of view, customizing robots in taking care of elderly was in great focus, said Mak.

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