ProjectBlog: Is Future Now? These Cryptocurrency Platforms Say Yes

Blog: Is Future Now? These Cryptocurrency Platforms Say Yes

Is Future Now? These Cryptocurrency Platforms Say Yes

In the industry that never sleeps, a cryptocurrency exchange and an Ai trading platform have announced partnership. As unlikely as it seems, this is an active project that is making the industry fusion a reality. BeQuant and RoninAi are in the makings of history, by combining their know-how and putting the customer first.

“We are seeing an incredible value-add to crypto traders from RoninAi forecasts. We are transparent platform, and anyone can follow our recommendations and see by how much we have been outperforming the market over last twelve month. With Bequant, we are aiming to empower our users with even greater edge when it comes to transactions

Max Vasilyeu, CTO, RoninAI ”

RoninAi, a cryptocurrency price forecasting platform, is one of the few projects that’s been hitting its milestones in the space (that is known for delays) and has a live product at the intersection of cryptocurrency and predictive Ai.

Fun tip — you can try RoninAi with just an email. It’s next step is the launch of a decentralized asset management platform, allowing users who are not professional traders and hedge fund managers, reap the benefits of scale with RoninAi and BeQuant technology partnership that is right now in the works.

As many know, BeQuant, was developed by professionals for professionals. Their aim is to create a space to deliver a powerful, cutting edge platform with the lowest fees in the market. As one of the pioneers in core matching technology, BeQuant offers traders a wide range of features such as real-time clearing and cutting-edge order matching algorithms.

“In the cryptocurrency space, there is constant evolution and change, Bequant is actively involved in pursuing innovative ways for traders and institutions to interact with cryptocurrency. Partnership with RoninAi is next stop to empower crypto community and to be on the forefront of innovation.

-George Zarya, Ceo, Bequant”

Together with RoninAi’s blockchain network and BeQuant backend, trading amateurs and professionals will be introduced to an innovation that will combine the best of both worlds. RoninAi’s platform will allow for exchange, integrated api, lower decentralized fees and pass on savings to customer allowed by BeQuant backend. BeQuant powering RoninAi, can lead to a new way of how customers interact with exchanges.

We are moving toward the decentralized future and we are just at the very start, who knows what will come next.The cryptocurrency space is still in its infancy and there is so much we don’t know, projects like this help us map out the possibilities of the technology and what’s coming next. It is exciting to watch the projects that explore this unknown space and create new innovative possibilities.

Contributing Writer: Karen Park — Experienced tech and blockchain consultant, now turned full time reporter. Always on the lookout for the latest global tech news, she prides herself in identifying great emerging tech news through a variety of channels.

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