ProjectBlog: Is Evolution Becoming Redundant? Why This is a Good (Great)Thing

Blog: Is Evolution Becoming Redundant? Why This is a Good (Great)Thing

Humans are becoming much more capable of determining their own destiny and may be able to abandon the blind watchmaker ideology. This is not satire or based on anti-evolution religious principles

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Biological evolution is a brute : a dumb, unthinking, uncaring machine, only about mass birthing and mass destruction.

The oddity is such a statement may be offensive, as if evolution is a surrogate God even though it is the antithesis of such an Intelligence.

Humans are starting to — and in truth have for centuries — interfere with what would otherwise be under the control of biological evolution.

With advances in science on so many fronts, the great monolithic blind watchmaker as evoked by Richard Dawkins is being usurped by human ingenuity.

The problem is there is a huge amount vested interest in its ideological preservation. I mean huge. Much of science is built on its fundamental principles. It’s programmed into so much, that the possibility is inconceivable.

I just did a google search on the subject and all I came up with was the evolutionary redundancy of wisdom teeth.

I’m sure some would even argue that this blind and dumb watchmaker principle is responsible for our increasing autonomy and freedom. As if evolution in its insentient wisdom brought us the capacity to control it.

Evolution, no more cares about humans than mosquitoes or any other life form. All the same after vast eons of trial and error and grunting and heaving.

I put this to someone on a philosophy forum and they appeared to become very annoyed as if biological evolution was vastly more than biological, which it isn’t at least as I was taught. It only applies to life forms. Not the roots of universal objects and forces.

Planets and stars and black holes have nothing to do with biological evolution except where those life forms affect them, as is happening with humans. That is not even a radical statement just an obvious one.

You do get the sense reading Dawkins and many others with a similar world view that evolution is much more than biology. This, maybe because the arguments are often tied to creator God versus random forces.

It tends to go like this:

There is no creator Intelligence, just chance random factors underpinned by evolution.

Evolution did not create, or control the universe because the universe is not an organic living system(unless you want to bring in a philosophical view such as panpsychism). It’s rocks and gas and heaps of space and very little in the way of living things (thus far detected).

All that aside, human creativeness is getting the drop on random forces. Advances in medicine, brain science, artificial intelligence, space travel, space time manipulation (future direction), quantum physics and so many other areas.

Why This is a Good Thing:

Evolution is uncivilized, it is indifferent to all life forms. Humans have the capacity to control the ‘machine’ to humanize it (in the best possible way).

Sounds like heresy, don’t you think. Disrespecting the god of evolution who brought us such wonderful creations as flowers and spiderwebs. That’s the good stuff. You have to weigh it against the ‘murderous nature’ of nature.

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