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Blog: Inter{action} Monthly: April

In this month’s Inter{action} post Matt Payne, Technical Director, tells us about the interactive technologies that are transforming the world today.

Intelligent Retail Lab by Walmart

Walmart recently announced the launch of their Intelligent Retail Labs (IRL) — a new type of store that uses AI to gather information about shopping habits in real-time. IRLs use data gathered by cameras to monitor stock levels and identify which products need replenishing.

Unlike Amazon Go stores, Walmart are taking a measured approach to AI by attempting to remove the stigma around constant monitoring. In an effort to educate customers and reduce feelings of mistrust, interactive displays have been installed around the shops, with information on how the store uses AI.

The hope is that customers will start to see the potential benefits of an AI-driven shopping experience, particularly as Walmart plan to continue integrating and investing in the tech. I think it probably helps that whilst the stores are equipped with hundreds of cameras, they’re invisible to customers browsing the store.

AI music

I recently attended an AI music event hosted by the “I’ll Be Back” team, and witnessed an awesome demonstration of what’s possible when machine learning is combined with creative experimentation. The demonstration was led by CJ Carr, co-founder of Dadabots,a platform that uses deep learning software to identify and recreate current music trends. Take their recent 24 hour, death metal live stream, for example.

Feeling inspired, I did some research and found a whole host of neural networks being used for music learning and predicting. For instance, Musenet,which was created by the OpenAI team and has crafted entire concerts.

Both Dadabots and Musenet have built beautiful, fun and inspiring examples of how creative thinkers are combining machine learning to generate something new. It won’t be long before we’ll be attending real-life AI concerts.

VR & Car design

Ford recently announced a partnership with GravitySketch. Together, they have created an “intuitive and immersive 3D design toolenabling designers to unleash their creativity.” Oof, very impressive.

Although only at test stage for now, designing in VR has major potential benefits for a company like Ford; reducing design time, allowing designers to experience designs from a 1:1 scale and to actually sit inside concepts. If successful, it won’t be long before we see other manufacturers investing in similar tech.

Childish Gambino launches AR experience

Google partnered with Childish Gambino to produce a multiplayer Augmented Reality app called PHAROS AR. The appallows users to “journey through his universe to the tune of his latest sounds” and is built with ARCore, Google’s developer platform for building AR experiences, and Unity, a real-time 3D development platform. Download here.

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium

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