ProjectBlog: INCUBATE’s Top 6 Vivid Events for Entrepreneurs

Blog: INCUBATE’s Top 6 Vivid Events for Entrepreneurs

Whether you’re a self-confessed entrepreneur or you’re just dipping your toe in with your first ideas, you always need to stay ahead of the game. Knowing where the market is going and what the future of tech, science, workplaces, and even creativity is headed helps startups stay competitive.

This year’s Vivid festival in Sydney has a lot to offer entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes, so here are our top picks that all startup founders need to check out.

1. Who Are You, Really? Human Identity In A Digital World

Held at the Vivid Ideas Exchange at the Museum of Contemporary Art, this event is asking the BIG questions. What does it mean to die in a digital age and where does our data go after we’ve gone to the big “cloud” in the sky? Hear From Twitter, a Human Rights Law expert and some of the world’s top academic minds in engineering and international relations discuss these questions and more.

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Date: 27 May, 3pm — 5pm
Location: Museum of Contemporary Art
Cost: From $24.48

2. New Horizons: A Healthy Future, Using Tech to Fight Loneliness and Improve Health

Tech can solve almost every problem, and one of the biggest issues the world faces today is how to battle loneliness in a modern digital age. With a panel of experts from the CSIRO discussing the myriad of problems and the tech that’s trying to make the world a better place, this Vivid event is relevant for entrepreneurs of every discipline.

Date: 15 June, 11am — 12:30pm
Location: Museum of Contemporary Art
Cost: Free

3. The Renaissance Machines: Art Meets Artificial Intelligence

The intersection of creativity and computer science is such an important one, and it’s one that many entrepreneurs often overlook. At this event, find out more about the future of the “Renaissance Machines” — machines that can create all sorts of art — and ponder the philosophy, cautions, and predictions of what it all means.

Date: 30 May, 6pm — 8pm
Location: General Assembly Sydney Office
Cost: Free

4. ZDNet’s Next Big Thing: The Reality Behind AI in Business

If you’re starting a small (or big) business, the question of how Artificial Intelligence will impact you is bound to come up, and you’d better be prepared. This Vivid panel will discuss machine learning and AI in a business context, how to solve for it, and how it can give your startup the edge it needs to stay competitive.

Date: 30 May, 12pm — 2pm
Location: Museum of Contemporary Art
Cost: Free

5. New Horizons: The Future of the World, What Will Happen by 2040?

Join world-renowned CSIRO Scientist in Strategic Foresight, Dr Stefan Hajkowicz in an enlightening, research-driven look at what the next 20 years holds. The event is crucial for all entrepreneurs, especially those in the tech field, as Dr Hajkowicz explores the likely risks and even potential opportunities opening up in the not-too-distant future.

Date: 15 June, 4pm — 5:30pm
Location: Museum of Contemporary Art
Cost: Free

6. The Impending Internet Revolution

Sure, the internet has been around for a while now, but the generation now being born will only know a world of technology, the internet, and digital spaces. New developments in tech as well as platforms and services to bring them to consumers are bound to dominate the marketplace of the imminent future, and this Vivid event explores the trends and things to look out for to better prepare your startup for this internet revolution.

Date: 4 June, 8am — 10am
Location: Museum of Contemporary Art
Cost: $22.86

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