ProjectBlog: In the AI race between the U.S.

Blog: In the AI race between the U.S.

In the AI race between the U.S. & China for talent, America needs a leader who can capture the high ground of technology and keep liberal democracy relevant as the 4th Industrial Revolution begins to flourish. “There is no quarterback” for AI [in the US], says Amy Webb, author of the new book called “The Big Nine,” about the top U.S. and Chinese AI companies. America started with a technology lead, but with U.S. efforts in comparison being dispersed and decentralized — the US is falling behind China. US companies have trouble sharing the structured data that machines can learn on, she notes.

While some are saying the rise of Trump is due to automation, certainly China is vastly automating before us. We see democracy on trial with Brexit. We see millennials increasingly ‘appreciating’ social democracy because via AOC there is a sense of capitalism failing them. She called capitalism ‘irredeemable” in front of a packed SXSW Austin audience last month. Perhaps Millennials see something the rest of us don’t? A vast state capitalism China economy driving world productivity? Fact is, as China becomes the world’s largest economy in 2020; and, Asia holds 50% of world GDP in 2020 — the U.S. faces a choice: remain unorganized and disparate — or realize that to remain relevant, a US technology industrial policy is in order.

Steve Bannon, Marco Rubio — we hear you on the government side, will you not only inform of us our tech dominated future, but help us find a Chief AI Officer who can inspire us for the challenge? We need a leader who can get America productive with technology & AI. This means US government working hand in hand with private sector companies to help lead our nation’s digital & D2C transformation strategically to secure Western liberal democracy’s future.

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