ProjectBlog: “I’m Sorry, That’s Just Not True Dave…”

Blog: “I’m Sorry, That’s Just Not True Dave…”

Intelligent AI driven bots are coming to chat rooms and social media, and it’s not going to be pretty. After reading about a new bot deployed in China that closely monitors family chat rooms and helpfully intercepts crazy posts from relatives (“I’m sorry, that story just isn’t true”), it got me to thinking about what’s coming next…

Certainly having a bot respond to your crazy Uncle is going to help keep the peace in family discussions and slow down the spread of fake news, but how about if it spreads a little further and starts expressing opinions and judgments of its own? Chat bots that helpfully monitor Facebook posts could quickly respond to fake news, but also start to help out in other ways… “Don’t you think you’ve posted enough pictures of the grand-kids?” “Sure, that meal looks great, but didn’t you post last week that you were starting a new diet?” “Do you think the world really needs another rant about the latest news?” That’s probably the easy stuff. It could go down hill from there.

“I like that article you re-posted, but have you considered the other side of the argument? Here’s a few articles you might be interested in.” Or “Should you really be sending that before reading the whole article and checking the sources? You clearly only had time to read the first paragraph before forwarding to all your friends? Did you notice they were only quoting anonymous sources?” Or even… “That’s the third post this week about that topic. You seem to be a little obsessed by this stuff. I’m sending you a coupon for a massage and 10% off at the gym. Get a life!”

Let’s face it, intelligent AI driven bots could probably raise the level of discourse on line, provide real time feedback, and even grade your spelling, grammar, and content. They might recommend other sources of information, more balanced perspectives, and keep an eye out for fake and misleading news. They might even be able to intervene at critical junctures in your life after monitoring your pathetic late night emails and posts.

But it’s also not a huge leap from helpful bot to AI conscience and from “would you want your mother to hear you say that” to your AI is listening…and recording…and processing…and reacting to everything you say and write.

Are we really ready for “I’m sorry Dave, you just can’t post that”?

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium

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