ProjectBlog: IBM Creates New Breed for Marketing Via AI Technology

Blog: IBM Creates New Breed for Marketing Via AI Technology

IBM is doing pretty hard effort to disentangle the idea behind AI (Artificial Intelligence) to customers, explaining how the technology helps in taking decisions.

Around 82 percent of top class executives suggested that they would like to use AI but were bothered about unconscious bias and the abilities required. IBM is offering AI for a range of amenities and has implemented a lot of it itself in places such as recruitment where it is used to ensure that there isn’t any bias in how job descriptions are mentioned, as per IBM Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Michelle Peluso.

IBM Watson Marketing launched its Marketing Trends Report of 2019 showcasing the trends of the industry. The team foresighted that in the emotion economy, customers will engage more with companies which are reliant and deliver on their convictions. IBM has firm belief that AI and machine learning will showcase hyper-personalization a reality as the proliferation of data and marketing stack streamlining will permit the marketers to offer customized content on a large scale.

Michael Trapani, the IBM Watson Marketing program direction stated personal connectivity and emotion doesn’t need to be in conflict with the seemingly cold realm of Artificial Intelligence.

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