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Blog: I presume that you were being sarcastic.

I presume that you were being sarcastic.

In case you weren’t or for those who might miss the sarcasm:

Except for the people on the receiving end of those drone strikes: 9 out 10 times, drone strikes kill civilians. So unless like the Brookings Institute, you want to blindly support drone strikes, I suggest looking further—such as the deadly bureaucracies behind drone strikes (see The Intercept’s Drone Papers for more details). That policy means replacing US Civilians for genociding others with machines — if you bomb with “robots” who are viewed as not holding the same causal value as human lives, the civilian casualties of Imperialist war or war in general loses its impact. War currently doesn’t matter because the US casualties are typically poor people (particularly, people of color) and society places more value on the cost of machines lost than to the civilians lost in war. [Based partly on my own father’s experiences in Vietnam in Force Reconn & the USMC (1968–1970 & 1972–1974).] Furthermore, the US creates a further precedent for the future whereby life in any form can be wiped out to support its agenda, whereby more & more sophisticated machines will take the role of humans, possibly ending with AI wars—that if we bother listening to our own science fiction prophecies of the 20th and 21st century may end with our eventual destructiongenocide, enslavement.

And that’s optimistic. That doesn’t even look at the destruction that comes from war itself.

Neil Postman told us about the Japanese ban on firearms, and albeit it missed some important historical points about the Tokugawa Shogunate, it does point out an important reality about technology and humans reliance upon it: that we must think rationally about the possible unitended consequences of technology and problems it can cause. Ironically enough, the real danger with firearms for the Shogunate and Samurai class was that it threatened to give power to the People. That said, are these drones cheap inexpensive weapon systems used by the poor to protect themselves against the Transnational Capitalist Class and the US-NATO MIBCC (Military Industrial Banking Congressional Complex)/Deep State/Permanent State/NeoPraetorian Guard/Neolatifundia/Rentier Class or are they to be used by those very people in order to further enslave humanity and life to their psychopathic whim? Are drones firearms by the People and for the People, or are they being developed to further enslave humanity to the whim of a isolated and empathically blunted group of socially disconnected plutocratic kleptocrats?

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