ProjectBlog: How top brands used AI marketing automation to boost their Sales?

Blog: How top brands used AI marketing automation to boost their Sales?

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AI is bringing in significant changes in not only advertising but in the complete sales process as well. More and more brands are adapting the new technology. The top brands have enough budget to do all sorts of A/B testing, trial and errors, but small companies on the other hand are in a dilemma whether to invest on a tool or not.

Theoretically there are many articles, blogs and papers where the advantages and benefits are discussed but live examples I believe give a better view of what can be expected. I have given two case studies which I feel would give little more clarity. Also, few other cases studies can be found on the link below.

[AI backed Marketing Tool- Case Studies]

Case Study I- Volkswagen

Volkswagen Germany has shown tremendous sales improvement by just replacing its marketing agency with Artificial Intelligence backed tool. With the help of AI and predictive analysis, the brand is able to sell more cars

since it is able to decide its ad spend based on the algorithm’s forecast. The AI-based tool uses two kinds of data to present its daily recommendations:

· One- the brand’s transactional data like sales data, leads or inquiry data

· Two- the market data like fuel price, competitor’s pricing, car registrations for trusted data sources in the market etc.

AI-based platforms learn with every data interaction. That means more you expose the tool to the available data, more the tool is able to learn and process resulting in smarter recommendations. The brand applied the recommendations of the tool to its social, search and display campaigns. The AI tool was able to pull data from 1400 touch points and would provide insights on the ROI against the investment on various ad platforms.


· The brand is able to cut the hidden cost charged by the agency

· Increase in orders by 14% from Volkswagen dealership

With the assistance of the AI tool it became much easier to reach a smarter conclusion since the recommendations were based on data. Such huge data churning is not humanly possible in today’s world. The major challenge for the brand has been to have a complete trust in a machine based feedback which was absolutely new for the team. Although a complete agency replacement is not something the major brands or marketing gurus foresee in upcoming years. But there will be definitely a significant shift in marketing spends what would be witnessed due to change in technology.

Case Study II- Cosabella- Italian Lingerie Brand

Cosabella is one of the popular Italian Lingerie Brands spread across multiple countries including US, UK, Australia, Germany, France and Canada. The brand eventually wants the marketing communication to be completely handled in-house since they felt they know their brand better and will be able to do justice to the brand. Cosabella decided to go for an AI platform instead of maintaining a big in-house marketing team. In the very first month the brand was able to achieve 50% increase in both search and social return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) and decrease in the ad spend by 12%. In the last quarter of 2016 the brand was able to get 1500 more transactions, a 30% increase in new users and 37% overall increase in website traffic.

Courtney Connell, marketing director of Cosabella says that being rigid with the targeting will not fetch any result. AI platforms are build to learn more with each activity. Providing room to test and find micro-groups of high performing audience is a very impressive feature of the AI platform. It also helped the brand in doing keyword analysis and suggested new target areas.

AI has been designed to be highly efficient and a multi-tasker. It monitors all the campaigns across platforms at the same time and notifies whenever the click-rate is going down or engagement is dropping. Its capability to test different images and ad copies also prove it creative focus which has resulted in highly optimized campaigns.




Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium

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