ProjectBlog: How to earn Wisdom Points + meet our first Pynk super predictors!

Blog: How to earn Wisdom Points + meet our first Pynk super predictors!

Join the Price Prediction challenge:

Here at Pynk we like to think of ourselves as a generous bunch. We’re here to help Pynksters all over the world create a more promising financial future by using tech for good. We’re the good guys in the room and that’s why you will never see us run an ICO or Airdrop.

We’re about collaboration with our people and ‘levelling the playing field’ — so together we can tackle financial discrimination head on. But how do we go about doing this?

Today, our fund leverages Wisdom of Crowd (WoC) data and our proprietary machine learning (Rose) to drive the kind of returns previously only available to the wealthy elite. Our crowd helps us with financial predictions on Bitcoin, and the launch of our beta product (May 2019) will see new asset classes such as Gold and Nasdaq. The Pynk fund trades with this data and shares approximately 30% of profits back to our Crowd. Not bad, eh?!

For the Pynk fund to perform at its best — we need to ensure we have high quality Crowd members. Whilst prediction accuracy is important, so is consistency of data and ‘bravery’ of predictions. That’s why our algorithm that awards Wisdom Points (WPs) is weighted towards these three factors.

It’s also why we are limiting the Crowd size to 10k and those Pynksters that don’t perform on any given quarter will be replaced by those on the waiting list. It’s crucial that all of our 10k strong Crowd are contributing on a regular basis and winning together. We are in effect a co-operative fund and built by the people, for our people.


To celebrate our Beta launch (May 2019), we are throwing a ‘virtual launch party’ for our early Crowd members and giving them the opportunity to earn even more WP’s.

Pynk Beta Price Prediction Tool

Early birds will certainly catch a Pynk worm, and will be way ahead of the curve in terms of WPs. As time goes on, it will become a little harder to earn those valuable Wisdom Points.

For those who have earned WPs in the Alpha tool, worry not. Team Pynk will migrate them to your Beta account automatically, where you can keep earning more without any extra effort.


Before the launch of the beta, we have been using Jack and Kevin’s referral tool called VYPER. It’s super easy to use for Pynksters to use and we have customised it in such a way that makes making daily price predictions as easy as ABC. If you want to be an early crowd member you can join here.


If you want to earn Wisdom Points and get rewarded with Cash prizes, simply click ‘Predict’ each day once in the system — and you will see our Prediction Tool. Here you will be asked what the price of Bitcoin will be at 18:00 UK Time tomorrow.

Enter your name and price prediction, go back to the Vyper Contest page and you’re done. Our Contest manager will check and grant you with 250 WP’s and enter you into the Cash reward Contest automatically.


If you are the best predictor of the day you earn 5 USD + 1,000 Pynk WPs

If you are the best predictor of the week you earn 25 USD + 5,000 Pynk WPs*

If you are the best predictor of the month you earn 75 USD + 12,000 Pynk WPs**

*If you Predict more than three times in same week you will automatically be entered to the Weekly Contest, where you can earn $25 + 5000 Pynk WPs USD

**If you manage to Predict more than thirteen times in same month you will also be entered to the Monthly contest, where you can earn $75 + 12,000 Pynk WPs


WPs are later exchangeable for share of the Pynk fund profits. Pynksters can either swap WPs for cash or for the equivalent value in Pynk Security tokens. The smarter investors within the Crowd will want to hold onto their Pynk Security Tokens, since these are set to rise in value along with the growth of the Pynk fund. Crowd members will also not have to pay a 2% in fee when purchasing their Security tokens with WPs (unlike standard Pynk investors).


We asked our top 3 ‘Super Predictors’ for some advice and thoughts for other Pynksters around the world, to help them become better at making predictions. And as with all Wisdom of Crowd models they gave us 3 very different answers, diversity is key!!

JEFFOY said “it’s important to know the latest bitcoin news which I consider to be fundamental analysis, and that helps in knowing what price to predict for 18:00 the next day”.

TAKHASHI commented “I made a support and resistance line as a reference for the game range: then my support and resistance made from high and low from the previous chart formation. Again this is the limit where I trade Stochastic to measure the saturation level of the market and understand if it is Over Sold or Over Bought”

PATRICK added “First I’ll look at the price from the trading view of BTC/USD Coinbase. Then I check the closing price that day. I always use the trend line for my guide so that I have a slight idea of how the price moves. I’m using a support and resistance for the 1 hour time frame taken from Coinbase. From here I can roughly predict the price for that specified date/time. My tip is that other Pynksters should setup smaller time frames in technical analysis, 4HRS is good. The price usually moves sideways so you should predict closer to the price yesterday. But when it hit resistance or support the trend line will help you.”

Finally, when asked what aspirations Patrick had for Pynk he replied “Investing and trading in crypto is guaranteed to be a risky option, even well known traders suffered losses and fail most of the time. With Pynk’s initiative to bring a more powerful system to investment, I believe that Pynk will deliver a smarter and more convincing approach when it comes to crypto for the public.”

Latest Pynk Campaign:

So what are you waiting for?! Join our latest campaign and start earning your share of Pynk’s future profits, and don’t forget to invite your friends — the more the merrier!!

Best Wishes

Team Pynk

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