ProjectBlog: How New Technology Can Help With Assisted Living

Blog: How New Technology Can Help With Assisted Living

New technologies benefit thousands of people in myriad ways, but in the healthcare arena, cultivating and implementing new technologies provide manageable platforms for healthcare professionals and patients. This also allows businesses to cultivate new products that cater to their demographics’ needs.

IoT (Internet of Things) involves connecting machines, facilities, fleets, networks and even people to sensors and controls and then feeding the sensor data into advanced analytics applications and predictive algorithms as a way of enhancing automation and improving the maintenance and operation of machines and entire systems — and in some cases even enhancing human health.

Using IoT in the healthcare business field, specifically in assisted living for the elderly, will aid with the following: enhanced patient experience, improved disease management, decreased costs, improved outcomes of treatment, reduced errors and enhanced management of drugs.

All us want to care for our loved ones in the best possible ways, especially when they age in their homes or reside in an assisted-living facility. Businesses using IoT technology, such as up-to-date senior monitoring devices, will aid in senior care in the following ways:

Living Independently. Aging in place can help seniors live independently within the comfort of their own homes. They will also feel safer when they are alone because they know that their behaviors — normal or abnormal — are being monitored. This also a benefit for the seniors’ relatives who are leading their own lives and can check on their loved ones at any time.

Less-Invasive Monitoring. While this may be uncomfortable at first, monitoring devices’ algorithms monitor the patient to access normal and abnormal levels in behavior, such as:

  • Where the resident is currently within his or her home
  • Sleep times, including the normal wake and sleep cycle
  • Which lights are being used
  • Activities, such as television watching, cooking and more
  • Bathroom usage
  • Leaving and returning to the home
  • Heating or air conditioner temperatures
  • Any gas leaks within the home
  • And more.

Instead of the senior wearing a device, such as a watch, necklace or bracelet, devices can be installed within the home to detect any abnormal algorithms and then get the senior any help he or she needs when necessary.

The technology is now available for a reasonable cost for a rapid RoI. The task of building accurate end-to-end IoT solutions including edge computing, sensors, cloud platforms as well as an interface for presenting data, has never been easier, quicker & cheaper.

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium

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