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Blog: How Artificial Intelligence is Enhancing Mobile App Technology

AI in Mobile Technology

In today’s competitive market, every company is trying to make its mark. In this cut-throat competition, mobile phone companies are constantly trying to introduce some new features in their mobile devices every single day. Apple and Android have been in a constant rivalry in this pressured situation, working their way out to bring in new innovations. The saturation point of product maturity is at the peak. With the introduction of artificial intelligence in mobile applications, the market has changed for sellers as well as buyers.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Automating Human Decisions

Artificial Intelligence is a method of letting the computers ‘learn’ by identifying the behavioral pattern from large datasets. Like a humans’ nature of analyzing and responding, AI lets the computer obtain information and rule sets and eventually helps the computers to generalize results that might take place next, based on the patterns recorded earlier.

An average human uses his/her phone for about 2.5 hours, making about 35000 decisions in a single day. The truth is we are so dependent on technology that we always need help for some of the other reason. And, it never fails us; instead, smartphones help us make our choices easier. Even now, AI plays an important role in how an individual uses his/her smartphone and this support is going to increase significantly soon. The demand for Artificial Intelligence app development goes high and it will increase.

How Marketers Benefit from AI in Mobile Technology?

Every marketing manager identifies the needs of the customer and delivers a complete product, fulfilling those needs. They would do it, even if it calls for the development of a new product. With the data being received regarding the people’s true behaviors of using a smartphone, there is a clear understanding of the customer’s requirement and a potential target for the marketers to deliver such a product.

AI in mobile app development has played an enormously major role. For example, Samsung’s Galaxy, Huawei’s Mate range, Apple’s iPhones and Google’s Pixel phones have special hardware that is specially designed to perform AI based tasks efficiently. Until 2017, this capability was only in 3% of phones, which is expected to rise up to 35% of all mobile handsets by 2020.

You must have not realized yet, but today smartphones with AI are already playing a major role in your mobile phone experience.

Why such an Investment is needed?

The primary goal of every mobile manufacturer is to give you the best user experience when using your device. We have already reached peak smartphone — a saturation point where every individual who wants a smartphone, has one. Introduction of artificial intelligence with the best possible microprocessors is a way to not let mobile handset users lure away to their competitors. It is an unknown fact, that for years the phones have been gathering data on our using pattern through a dozen sensors installed on the phone.

Everything from an accelerometer, to a gyroscope, to a GPS, to a Barometer, camera and much more inbuilt in our phone has been closely observing our usage behavior. The introduction of artificial intelligence and machine learning in smartphones are now learning the user’s behavior and producing the data accordingly.

How AI is Transforming the Capabilities of Mobile Phones?

As per Statista’s report, by 2025 the worldwide market worth of Artificial Intelligence is going to cross $89 Billion. Introduction of new inventive tech advancements has already revolutionized the world of android application development. With the introduction of augmented reality and chat-bots, AI tech is at the center of this evolution as customers demand quick and real-time response for their demands and queries.

From intelligent speech recognition and interpretation to context-aware computing to smart chatbots to predictive analysis, the introduction of Artificial Intelligence into mobile phones have taken mobile application development to the next level. Below is the list of innovative mobile applications that AI has a played a major role in.

AI in Face Detection through Phone Camera

AI with the combination of face recognition technology is able to recognize faces with up to 98% accuracy and Google says that their new system for recognizing faces is the best one ever. The face detection technology does not only detect and identify an individual’s face/object but also represents the digital image/video into multiple frames. Mobile phone companies are using this technology through the phone’s camera, for features like unlocking the phone and secured folders/applications containing confidential data.

AI algorithm also helps simple features like smile shutter, adjusting the camera’s lenses in different light conditions, creating depth in an image, usage of various filters, etc. giving you the best user experience.

AI used in Voice and Image Recognition

Applications on phones are integrated with image recognition, voice recognition, and app localization features. Users can search on search engines not only by text but by using images and voice as well. Thanks to the combination of Artificial intelligence and Machine learning.

For example — ‘Siri’ on Apple iPhones is the perfect example of a Virtual Assistant using voice recognition. In Android phones, Google voice assistant is a classic example. The algorithm is so powerful that even in noisy environments; the accuracy of voice recognition is up to 98%. They are said to be more comprehensive than a human.

AI Automated Chatbots

AI in chatbots is working as an amazing connection between the companies and their customers. Chatbots are becoming famous for their extraordinary conversational experience with the users. Not only they can manage multiple queries at the same time, but also provide quality responses. As per the HubSpot survey, 71% of the users have agreed that Chatbots provide them with relevant and satisfying solutions with their queries. It is projected that by 2020, 80% of the world business will be using Chatbots to handle 1st end customer queries.

AI for CyberSecurity

Most applications are developed in a combination of ML algorithms and predictive analysis with AI. With this, businesses can gather user behavioral data through POS machines, traffic sources, mobile devices, etc. and scrutinize this data and use them to diminish frauds, security concerns, etc. The data extracted are also used to create new ways to deliver unbelievable user experiences. These apps will alert the user about any sort of suspicious and vulnerable activities.

AI used for Landmark Detection

AI enables a user to read the radiology of a picture and easily differentiate the difference between an artificial and natural structure. This algorithm detects points in the image and represents the information in a structured manner. Image recognition identifies a photo to be a possible landmark with the help of geolocation data.

AI in the day to day Operations

The Google search engine is also backed up AI. Every time you Google something using your phone, the algorithm is working behind the scene to protect your identity and increase the security.

Every time you click a picture using your phone and it is saved in the phone’s gallery, AI assists in storing it in the gallery date wise as a human would do. When you are trying to edit a picture, you get options to edit and choose the best possible output. Options, like putting a few pictures together and displaying the output in the form of a story is possible through AI.

Key Takeaways

These are just a few benefits of AI in app development and there are many more to come. AI is also considered to be an important contributor to augmented reality experiences. The best example is Apple’s Animoji. You must check it out if you are still not aware of this innovation.

Smartphones now have special microprocessors used for specific AI tasks. Artificial intelligence with Machine Learning is already delivering an amazing on-device experience for its users and mobile phone companies are taking the complete benefit of this innovation to retain their customers. This is just the beginning. Soon, AI calculations will be cheaper and will find its way to almost every mobile phone in the market connecting the world using a 5G network.

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium

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