Blog: How Artificial Intelligence can help solve London’s traffic problem

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How Artificial Intelligence can help solve London’s traffic problem

We have identified three opportunities to apply artificial intelligence to enhance the public transport system.

Identify weak points in the public transport system.

Uber and other cab companies exploit this but environmental and sustainability economic efficiency could be extended with better analysis of public system pain points.

Encouragement of users to take more public transport with ‘nudges’ and choice architecture.

AI can be used to predict how receptive public transit users would be more frequent or different public transport options to complete the journey. Currently only services like Citymapper only partially complete this.

Better prediction of traffic congestion zones and areas of poor air quality.

Whilst better transport provider data partnerships are emerging, for example between Waze and Transport for London better sharing of data – including from fairly opaque service providers, such as Uber, would enhance the overall public utility.

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium

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