ProjectBlog: How Artificial Intelligence Aiding IoT to get Succeed?

Blog: How Artificial Intelligence Aiding IoT to get Succeed?

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Internet of Things (IoT) has brought everything connected through internet. Increase application of smart devices are enabling us to collect big data on a regular basis. The data gathered are becoming more complex and uncertain and therefore artificial intelligence (AI) came into picture. AI can efficiently deal with the difficulties created by big data. Artificial Intelligence is basically the simulation of logical human thinking using computer technology. Artificial Intelligence provides the framework and tools to go beyond small real-time decision and automation use cases for IoT.


Artificial Intelligence in IoT Market

Key Benefits –

To provide detailed information regarding the major factors (drivers, restraints, opportunities, challenges, and trends) influencing the growth of the global Artificial Intelligence in IoT Market
– To forecast the size of the market segments with respect to four major regional segments, namely, North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Rest of the World (Latin America and the Middle East & Africa).

Artificial intelligence plays a growing role in IoT applications and deployments. Both investments and acquisitions in startups that merge AI and IoT have climbed over the past two years. Major vendors of IoT platform software now offer integrated AI capabilities such as machine learning-based analytics.


Artificial Intelligence in IoT Market

Leading Players in Artificial Intelligence in IoT market are:

• Google Inc.
• Cisco
• IBM Corp.
• Microsoft Corp.
• Apple Inc.
• Salesforce Inc.
• Infineon Technologies AG
• Intel Security Group
• NVIDIA Corp.
• Amazon Inc.

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