ProjectBlog: How are big brands using chatbot advantages to upgrade their business

Blog: How are big brands using chatbot advantages to upgrade their business

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If you’ve visited any website recently, you’ve probably come across a chatbot.
 Chatbots have become widely popular in past few years, and we owe that to many enhancements in machine learning and other underlying technologies (such as NLP). 
 The exhilaration about chatbots is growing and that is due to chatbots getting more responsive, more intelligent, and more useful.

Chatbot technology is applicable to almost any type of consumer facing brands, and the reason for their growing popularity could be in increase of their advantages and weakening of disadvantages, and here are some (and some brands which knew how to use it) :

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Availability 24/7 and Time saving

In competitive market we are in today, your costumers need to be able to reach you any time of the day.

SnapTravel is a Facebook Messenger bot that helps people find deals on hotels. By answering the bot’s questions about your trip you can find almost anything you need and you can book hotels right there in Messenger.

Learning and Updating

Living in the age of information we are constantly getting new ones, and it is getting hard to keep up. Chatbots are using this modern time disadvantage into their advantage, by reaching to many real-time information ( through APIs) and easily serving you with as much content as you need.

Using Facebook Messenger The Wall Street Journal chatbot helps you stay up to speed with important news and stock quotes. Also it provides customize alerts — all you need to do is type in some basic instructions and get all the content you need.

Lifelike conversation

Progress of AI technologies opened up space for new ways to do things. Giving another dimension to communicating with users.

Duolingo is a platform used for learning new languages. It consists of an app, a website and a chatbot. Without the pressure of conversing to a real person, bot allows users to practice their language skills. Bot can also respond quickly to new dialogues and it can learn new ways to say phrases and recognize them.

Getting closer to your costumer

When you are building a brand you want to get as close to your consumers as you can, and through a chatbot you have an opportunity to immerse yourself in their everyday life by interacting with them.

Worlds most popular TV series “Game of Thrones” introduced their bot and you can ask him anything you want to know about the show. Giving precise answers to questions and witty jokes when it doesn’t know the answer brought this show even closer to our hearts.

Multiple Customer Handling

If you are an multinational company you probably have many customers and now you have a way to serve them all at the same time.

Tinka is chatbot that T-mobile’s uses to sell mobile phones. By connecting to the chat, the user starts receiving a stream of messages about the company and its goods. Using chatbots, T-mobile was able to increase retargeting three times , and sales — seven times.

Development of artificial intelligence allowed various branches to use this technology which caused its rapid growth. By creating a cheap, user-friendly, and profitable tool for interacting companies got a new way to reach their users and it brought customer experience to a new level.

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