ProjectBlog: How a 365 Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Solution increases valuation of users

Blog: How a 365 Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Solution increases valuation of users

A tech solution needs to merge with current systems of a company in the cloud or the solution itself should be the whole system (cloud) a company has to work with. Integration is important but merging is favored. When a tech solution is in the cloud and connected with every working process, the user is able to work through different environments in the same system (tasks not related to each other), but still be able to understand why and how processes are interconnected to each other. Besides that, when users are able to interact with their work in the cloud, you stimulate users for mobility through the office or elsewhere, enabling them to work from different places and stimulate better memory capabilities (people manage to remember things better when they can relate a memory to what they were doing at the moment and where), subsequently to stimulate better brainstorming sessions and thoughts for personal needs to work in their own way, faster. Therefore, a system needs to show adaptiveness to create and adjust the workflows they are using, user specific. Also, systems should show a 360 degrees compatibility on any device with high speed and no lagging, pushing users to work faster, anywhere and with any device to become operational at all times if needed. Sharing content on the field with clients or uploading content from your device to the system should be fast and easy for smoother communication and workflow. Files stored separately on the disk of your computer or in other separate solutions causes friction in the system and writes off the valuation of users and the overall process of a company, including business valuation.

However, a tech cloud solution should already have pre-programmed workflows, based on field-related experiences and data analysis to assist users for understanding new technologies like artificial intelligence and therefore start to think which needs individual users would like to see in the system, based on consultancy and thought-sharing in the field to create a unique company brand identity and also to start setting up protocols in deep learning with specific data sets (not general ones) to create personal automated systems, artificial intelligence based. That’s why users need to be supplied as well with data analysis, consultancy, and tech possibilities and database management to stimulate individual thinking in the company to make their own conclusions.

Values you want to create with cloud automation

Automated tasks (pre-programmed)
1. Discover friction in processes based on own experience
2. Personalize process and leverage your own experience (Analytical value)

Automated smart notifications to heads up the user (a.i.)

  1. Reminders to execute tasks in a process
  2. Decrease intensity in your own memory storage while working to focus more on actual productivity (smart efficiency value)

Accessibility across devices
1. Change working environment for better working conditions
2. Become mobile to increase productivity and stimulate creativity. (Authenticity value)

Switch between environments within the same system
1. Access everything you need within the same cloud solution.
2. Stimulate users to think in patterns of workflows and to learn how to think in interconnection with synchronization between tools and devices to achieve more affinity with technology, which results in ideas and improvement across the overall system and processes. (Tech affinity value)

Customization for unique users
1. User should have the freedom in which way they see their work being done efficiently.
2. Adaptiveness allows users to think outside their tunnel vision and come up with ideas. (Identity value)

Share and upload content, and notes between users
1. Communication text- or visual wise between tools and devices
2. Users decide how, when and where they want to communicate and share their content (communication value)

The valuation of a tech company with a cloud system is based on; the ability to have unique and difficult to recreate ( > 1 year to recreate) pre-programmed workflows/solutions based on open source coding, system customization for users specifically, compatibility between devices, in-house expertise in different fields but relevant for their customer to obtain understanding and growth and of course a business model where all these are valued against a fair price tag for using a system that fits the market and generates leads for the customer.
Besides that, the solution should generate value creation of users in terms of mobility, accessibility, adaptiveness and creativity, with the assistance of artificial intelligence and field experience of users to empower users in the company, increasing a company’s value.

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium

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