ProjectBlog: Hey Great article on Smart Parking,

Blog: Hey Great article on Smart Parking,

Hey Great article on Smart Parking,

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How can AI influence smart traffic management?

With the help of AI and IOT, smart traffic solution can be achieved which can ensure that the citizens of the city get smooth transportation from one part of the city to another. Los Angeles has already installed this smart traffic solution in order to achieve a smooth flow of traffic. It works by analyzing the data from the sensors and cameras and notifies the driver instantly of traffic and congestion. In July 2018, Los Angeles again installed Advanced Transportation Controller (ATC) along with the vehicle to infrastructure or (V2I) communications and 5G connectivity which allowed them to interact with various cars that constitute traffic light information features such as Audi A4 or Q7. This technologies consisting of automated vehicles along with sensors have the ability to provide both the speed of the vehicle and its location. They can communicate directly with smart traffic lights thus can prevent traffic congestion.

Smart parking and AI

Every citizen faces the struggle of searching for a parking spot especially when it’s the holiday season. Smart parking often makes the struggle easy since it comes with road surface sensors attached in the ground on parking spots, smart parking comes with the ability to determine whether a particular parking spot is free or occupied thus create a real-time parking map. For example, the city of Adelaide has incorporated smart parking system in February 2018 and has launched a mobile app. This will help the users to remain updated about real-time parking information. The app can help users to locate and pay for parking zones, even users can extend the parking sessions remotely.

Role of AI in Smart Parking Solution

Building a smart city involves numerous things, it can neither be done by an individual nor an organization. It requires the help and involvement of many leaders, strategic partners, and even citizens. A community can play a big role in developing a smart city where smart parking is inherent. Although there are numerous AI companies available in and around the USA but very few are reputed enough to give their customers the ultimate solution to their needs. Thus, here we come to their rescue. Our efficient team is capable enough to cater to all the needs of our clients. We boast the status of the best AI company in the USA.

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