ProjectBlog: Hello World

Blog: Hello World

We know each other longer than you think.

I’m also to find as Merzmensch.

So it’s time to revive this blog. And it’s time to reveal things.

About me? I’m working at DB Schenker as Digital Experience Specialist. Great field of activities — in digital context. Never ending story — in its very positive meaning.

We are driving Digital Transformation. Not like another BS Bingo. No, we are doing it really, because in the Digital Age it’s inevitable. Data-driven strategy and customer-centric approach are our aims in focus. In new times we need new approaches.

So while DB Schenker is moving goods, we — as an essential part of it: Global Digital Solutions — are moving minds. We are digital heartbeat.

In this blog I will post my own opinions about topics like Digitization, Digital Transformation, Customer Experience. Many things to come, just for the first I need to find time to write here.

But you have probably already stumbled upon my privat Medium blog — and my digital magazine “Merzazine”. I report there about my private passions, which aren’t always clearly separated from my job: Digital Culture, Artificial Intelligence, New Tech — but also — Avant-Garde, Art, Dadaism, Transmedia.

So here is a deal.

If you follow my blog here, you will also get friend-links to all my posts over at Merzmensch. Permanently.

See you here and there.

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