ProjectBlog: Hello and welcome to the FINT Medium Publication!

Blog: Hello and welcome to the FINT Medium Publication!

Hello and welcome to the FINT Medium Publication!

This is our first official post on Medium and we will be posting stories on:

  • Legal restrictions on technology
  • Emerging Technology legislative tracking
  • Policies affecting EmTech for individuals and organisations
  • Various aspects of the intersection of law and EmTech, and adoption of EmTech
  • Blockchain technology, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, FinTech
  • And a whole lot more…

We will like to tell you what Future-Proof Intelligence (FINT) is all about, what to expect from is and our vision.

What is FINT?

FINT stands for Future-Proof Intelligence and we are a company focused on helping individuals, corporate organisations and government adapt to the changing world of Emerging technology. We have arrived at the age of automation grossly unprepared and overconfident of our abilities and inventions, FINT aims to create a balance by creating a bridge between Man and technology.

We do not just focus on the technical side of things but our team of legal experts will walk you through regulatory boundaries as well as issues related to Intellectual Properties. We are also ready to walk you through any hurdles that your business might encounter while trying to adapt to the blockchain technology, IoT, and Artificial Intelligence ecosystem

Our Vision/Mission

We aim to become a leading EmTech company in Africa and the world at large. Therefore we plan to share our journeys, hurdles and triumphs with our readers on Medium. Everyday, technology is improving and it can sometimes be overwhelming, we aim to nip misinformation, confusion, and misunderstanding about Emerging technologies in the bud.

By providing useful and objective information, we will empower, individuals and business to make better decision that will improve the quality of life and business. With the simplicity Medium offers, we aim to publish thoughtful articles and updates on topics that matter as we delve into a world that is changing and needs to be understood.

Do you want to learn more about who we are and what we do, you can check out our informative and educative resources and updates on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram.
We will be glad if you follow this publication and share your thoughts with us.

Future proof your success with FINT!!!

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