ProjectBlog: He was originally a cold-blooded killer of robots.

Blog: He was originally a cold-blooded killer of robots.

He was originally a cold-blooded killer of robots. He didn’t need to kill the word. He only used the word “end”. In his opinion, it was only the end, because he didn’t really understand life, so he didn’t really understand death, no fear, no emotion. Everything was just executing instructions — the essence of the machine. But he overcame John who didn’t understand and believe these essences so much. When the learning program started, he began to learn, but also began to wonder. Learn to smile, learn some words and gestures that originally belong to human beings, but still can’t understand a lot of things that belong to the heart, can’t understand the pain that does not belong to the body, can’t understand the tears, those emotions make him confused.
I have read an American science fiction novel “Staying in the Spirit of Life”, which tells us that after the demise of mankind, the machine Frost, who ruled the Northern Hemisphere, spent a long time studying all the cultural heritage of mankind, in order to understand the story of human nature becoming a real human being. It has tried many ways to turn itself into a person, but it has not succeeded. In the end, by introducing the matrix of consciousness into a duplicated human body, it finally understands the vague and non-metric understanding of things, illogical thinking, fear, and despair, and becomes a real human being.
Human nature is unreasonable for a steel machine that has no pain and only understands concrete measurement and logical thinking, but ultimately T-800 understands it. When we understand the smiles, the trust, and the oath, and life, we gradually understand human nature. So when John refused to let him go, he did not ask him “why” as foolishly as before. Instead, he said, “I’m sorry.” Because he knew that his departure would make John sad, and at that moment, he understood the meaning of tears. Perhaps he still doesn’t know fear and despair, but at least he knows love and pain, which is the miracle he created with that child. So the old man who used to pull people into the house gently wiped out the tears on John’s face and held him in his arms. At the last moment of his life, he achieved tenderness. This scene has become a classic and remains in the hearts of the audience forever…
I have too much admiration and opinions about it; I have to admit that with the passage of time, this classic has gradually completely belonged to our age, and can no longer enter the contemporary young people’s, frivolous heart…
But classics are always classics. The Terminator tells us that in the years to come, let’s use our light and heat to help our friends as much as possible!! When they are in trouble, stretch out their hands to help them without hesitation!! When they are in despair, tell them a word “I will be back”.
Arnold is old, only the muscles are old, and the spirit is immortal…

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