ProjectBlog: Glasswing Turns Three!

Blog: Glasswing Turns Three!

It is hard to believe that it has been three years since Glasswing Ventures launched as one of the largest early-stage funds focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and frontier technology on the East Coast. Today, we are proud to have a portfolio of ten amazing Seed+ companies and a strong Pre-Seed Program, which collectively are pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

We are particularly excited to help shape and be part of the East Coast innovation ecosystem. And what an ecosystem it is! We are in the midst of a renaissance for early-stage technology investment on the East Coast, with new companies and venture firms focused on disruptive areas of innovation. The interest in AI and frontier technology has greatly increased since we started this journey, with $2 billion in US funding for AI in 1Q19, about three times what it was just three years ago (CBInsights Money Tree).

In this age of pervasive connectivity, the potential impact of AI and frontier technology is larger than ever, and we are endlessly enthusiastic about the road ahead. The convergence of computing power, breakthroughs in academia and industry, and expanding amounts and diversity of data are creating a new machine-human symbiosis — redefining how we interact with technology, and how intelligent enterprises operate and deliver value to their customers. With AI adoption in the enterprise at 37%, up from just 25% last year (Gartner), we are at an inflection point in this technology revolution.

As always, company founders are the driving force in bringing this paradigm shift to fruition. At Glasswing, we are deeply committed to our mission of helping these visionary entrepreneurs, as they harness the power of AI and frontier technology to transform markets and revolutionize industries.

We look to the future, excited by the opportunity to apply the power of these technologies in new and impactful ways. We are so fortunate to have built Glasswing Ventures in this lively ecosystem, and are grateful to our founders, LPs, our friends in our VC network, advisors, and the broader technology community for joining us on this journey. We are thrilled to have all of you on board as we create a new platform, empower more people, and enable the rise of the intelligent enterprise!

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