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First GCAAI Event in Frankfurt

While you are still waiting for us to announce the next #AICamp, there are still a lot more happening in our town.

A very exciting event that is finally coming to Frankfurt. On May 21st the German-Chinese Association of Artificial Intelligence (GCAAI) will is inviting to the new AI Labs at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management for Talks and an open discussion around AI and Intercultural Differences between Germany and China.

The German-Chinese Association of Artificial Intelligence (GCAAI) is a non-profit organization founded in 2017. With over 400 academic researchers, industry entrepreneurs, tech leaders, living or working in Germany or China, GCAAI is boosting the exchange of education, research and public resources between Germany and China in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

It is gratifying to observe that GCAAI unlike other organizations in this field starts with a clear mission and values. On their Site, they clearly emphasize their Respect for the researchers and engineers over marketing:

We bring researchers and engineers from labs and offices to the center of the spot light and let them talk.

The value collaboration across borders:

Identify opportunities for cooperation between institutes, companies and startups and to exchange best practices on questions such as creating an AI ecosystem, AI in industries or AI in mobility.

And they make the effort to Develop Mutual Understanding:

We celebrate the diversity and respect every individual from this community regardless of the background and the nationality. Together, we boost mutual understanding and friendship between Germany and China through the expansion of AI exchanges.

So what could we expect for May 21st?

Chunyan Wu — AI applications in China

With 20 years of experience in banking (China Construction Bank and Deutsche Bank), as well as Accenture consulting, Chunyan founded EASIA GmbH in Germany in 2015. She dedicates herself to the study of Industry — University — research cooperation, and the advisory for China-Europe cross-border investment. Moreover, she takes the role of German Representative at Institute for Global Industry at Tsinghua University, Vice president and Secretary General of German Tsinghua Alumni Association.

Yagr Xu- AI services from Alibaba Cloud

Graduated from Erasmus Mundus IMMIT program with economy and IT management master degrees. He worked since 2006 in various companies such as Sony Ericsson, SAP as Software/Data Engineers and is now Solution Architect in Alibaba Cloud Germany. Within his function he is responsible for Alibaba Cloud’s products and solutions-oriented design as well as implementation in DACH & CEE region, including but not limited to topics like infrastructure, multi-Cloud, BigData, Artificial Intelligence, Alibaba ET Brain solutions and many more.

Xingchen Wang, Ph.D. – Sports Analytics with AI

Xingchen is a Senior Data Scientist at AGT International, a pioneer company which provides AI and IoT solutions to customers in different industries. After 4 years of research work in the field of wearable sensor signal processing and machine learning for medical applications, Xingchen obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Bremen, Germany. He joined the current company afterwards and his role is to perform creative sport data analytics and build predictive models to bring new insights to both athletes and spectators using state-of-the-art data science and deep learning algorithms. With the successful development and deployment of analytic models, Xingchen is enthusiastic to see how the AI and IoT technologies reshape the way how people sense and enjoy sports in the near future.

If you believe AI requires not only the understanding of the Technology but also our understanding of our own cultural differences then you need to sign up for the CGAAI Event in Frankfurt on May 21st here.

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