ProjectBlog: GARRI KASPÁROV: “The Blockchain and Crypto technology will change the way we relate and do…

Blog: GARRI KASPÁROV: “The Blockchain and Crypto technology will change the way we relate and do…

The Chess World Champion, Garri Kaspárov, gave a few minutes to the FunOntheRide YouTube Channel during the important Talent Land 2019Mexican technological event that was held from April 22 to 26, 2019 in Guadalajara, Mexico.

During the interview, Kasparov was favorable to the use of blockchain technologies and said that “despite not being an expert in the field believes that they have a good future ahead.”

Without daring to say which cryptocurrency will be the winner, he believes that both will be adopted in a generalized way because, ”Cryptocurrencies are a normal response of people who simply want to have more sovereignty when making their own decisions.”

”I do not think it’s a matter of pure mathematics, it’s about human relationships and it’s something that goes way beyond science. It’s something that is happening although we still don’t know what will come out from it.“

The Grand Master of Chess who managed to defeat the Deep Blue machine in 1996 and finally yielded to Deeper Blue in 1997 not without controversy (Kasparov accused IBM of manipulation in the game by establishing specific logarithms against his specific game strategies that a machine would be unable to detect), added: ”I understand the philosophy behind this technology without being an expert in the specific technology itself and I think it will radically influence the way we live and the way we do business.”

These words, exclusively for @funontheride, contradict his previous statements of November 2017, when he stated at the Lisbon Web Summit”The Bitcoin is pure speculation” It seems that the genius of Chess has changed his mind.

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