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Blog: Future: AI and Games


Ever since Deep Blue (IBM’s computer program) beat Garry Kasparov in a chess match in 1997, uses of AI in the gaming world got a big boost. Artificial Intelligence technology was never a hyperbole and it’s now the foundation of video games. From the simple games like Candy crush to the new trend PUBG, AI has been creating game experiences that engage and challenge us. In today’s world, AI-based games are more sophisticated than ever and are creating experiences that users have never encountered before. The AI-powered tools are making the games more lively and realistic and it’s just the beginning.

AI in games at the moment

You must have played a video game before? If yes, then, you have already interacted with AI in games. Today, every video game uses AI in some form or another. If we talk about the present, there are two core components to AI games:

Pathfinding: This is implemented in almost all games, where AI outlines the smallest path between two points. An example is the player in ‘PUBG, which uses degrees to choose which direction to go in.

Finite state machines: This is what define complex behaviors. It powers non-playable characters in games. Particularly in open-world RPGs like ‘Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ or ‘Red Dead Redemption 2.’

Though, these techniques are not new and been around since the early 1980s. Obviously, the processing power of these techniques has improved with time but fundamental concepts and underlying principles have hardly changed.

What AI could bring to Games

It can help to create games in less time

First up, AI could reduce the time taken by developers to build different levels and craft environments. In addition, it could even create entire games from zero. In simple terms, it means — creation of bigger and better games with more sophisticated environments in no time. If this happens, it will definitely benefit small game designers with fewer resources.

Making games more Customizable and Personal

Artificial Intelligence can make the rules of games more changeable so that every user have a different and personal experience. For example, in PUBG you can customize the controls, appearance, weapons and a lot of other things. Though it is only the beginning, in the future, games would even learn the dislikes and likes of individual players to provide a personalized experience.

Bringing self-learning characters

It’ll take a few years but one day we could possibly get a self-learning persona in video games. Characters that can learn, grow and change just like we humans do.

Impact of AI on mobile games development

Artificial Intelligence can be useful with the development of mobile games by examining player behavior. AI can allow designers to analyze how gamers are interacting with the game. 
Data is important and AI can gather data to make it part of experience. Gaming gives people a shared experience with constant contact with others. In future AI can change the gameplay itself depending upon the fed data. 
For example, a player is getting frustrated because he/she is stuck on a specific level. Here AI will play the role by giving hints to player, without compromising the satisfaction of beating level. 
I.e. you will not have to choose between easy, normal or hard game levels instead AI will simply react to your gameplay and develop it according to the player.

AI has the capability to automate intensive tasks, enabling developers to concentrate on the productive parts of games development. For small gaming studios, AI can assist create music, graphics, characters allowing them to build more engaging games than previously possible.

AI has been a major part of the gaming world ever since the beginning and this technology is advancing very quickly. No doubts, Console and PC games are leading the way of Artificial Intelligence in gaming, but this will not be the end case. With the popularity of Mobile games, it won’t be long when AI mobile gaming revolution starts.

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium

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