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Blog: From knowing basic HTML to multi-Language, Docker, Kubernetes,ML, AI and peaks of web development.

(part 1)

In this article i would like to share my experience how i started learning web development right from basic HTML to working with PHP, MY-SQL and SSH and able to be language independent learn and develop with modern tools of web-development such as micro-services with Docker, and Kubernetes.

Little did i knew…

First thing that i learned in my college days was C programming. yes we all knew those days when we imported some header file printed some lines and at point to learn sorting in C was the peak of our knowledge and we got that feeling as if we were some kind of experts…

Now with programming with C i did get the logic i made a basic calculator but as we know C programming couldn’t give any kind of cool UI that i wish for, so i asked my college teacher how can i give a cool UI to this, well she didn’t gave me any kind of helpful insight over it, so i simply searched google “Graphics in C” and there i found few tutorials and stuffs about how can i make circle squares in c programming, i was really fascinated by graphics in c programming playing around with C programming really made me enthusiastic about it and i just had basic calculator but it did look really cool…

How did everything begin ?

Back in those days i thought about making some kind of music app with C programming i asked few of my teachers about it and none of them had any idea about it , so i asked google i found few articles about it and 1st step that i could take before playing the actual music was getting the list of song , so i went through few articles and figured out how could i list files in C and made a simple program which gave list of music files in a folder , and it worked just fine as getting files with there mimetype(basically name) was not a difficult thing . But doing that as a guy who knows nothing more then bubble sort and quick sort and printing something with printf was insane it made me feel like i was some kind of GOD , that one thing hooked me up with learning and exploring programming.

I further kept exploring how can i play a music file…then there came the difficult part ,playing the file buffer(binary data part of any file) into actual sound , i referred few articles and how you could make it happen and everything that people ware talking about went above my head.

As any student i went to my programming teacher , well just as before they knew nothing about it . eventually i gave up on making that player , realizing that i lac in knowledge and i thought about learning things and i thought about learning from absolute scratch.

For learning anything its really important to know what you don’t know.

So How can you know what you don’t know ?

Where should i begin to learn things right from basics, so i thought about making some website well then i thought what do i need to make an amazing website.. found out that things like veuJS, nextJS, Bootstrap, 3JS were really popular , and i had no idea what in the world are these so i went a step down and found HTML5 , CSS3 and asked myself do i know these and nop i didn’t a thing about them so i went one more stop down , basic HTML and yes not completely but i did had an idea what HTML was , so is there anything more basic then HTML well English language is, just like before i asked myself do i know english, well yes thank god i do, so i could start learning HTML , that’s how i figured where i should begin.

Wait what?…


But i wish to learn things like “machine-learning” & ”AI”, so i should know PYTHON right ?

that has the highest pay, “scope” and job isn’t it ?

Yes i know, this is like the classic mentality these days that

python = machine learning ?


python = AI ?

well you’r completely wrong mate, this is false, lets consider machine learning.

So people think that by knowing python he knows machine learning, well machine learning consist of nothing but core mathematics.

So machine learning includes of 5 main terms.

  1. Linear Algebra
  2. Calculus
  3. Statistics and probability theories.
  4. Complex equations and algorithms.
  5. Data processing.

Python ? no python wtf ?

Yup, that’s true don’t panic ill explain you, so these 5 things listed above consider them to be like 5 piece of paper, python acts like a thread which you could use to bind them together python has these really cool math’s and other library which you could use to apply algorithms and other logic to your set of data.

But knowing only python will be like learning to make a sand castle and then expecting yourself to be good enough launch a space rocket.

So only having threads will get you no where you need some papers with good content to bind, machine learning is a broad term itself and if anyone needs guidance on where and how to start mention in comments below, ill make an article.

JOB? well is it necessary to do a job ?

I know there is like a mentality of getting a job as soon as possible for any engineering or graduate student and there is a huge misconception that there are lac of job opportunities or unemployment in terms of jobs in any field, well this is completely false there is in fact unemployment in most scientific fields.

I have observed that most students that do engineering lac in knowledge and some just join engineering or a degree just because people around them influence them that this field has so called SCOPE in future and they some how manage to complete their engineering with backlogs and KT’s and end up in working at call-centers data-entry jobs or end up filling excel sheets everyday in a multi-national companies just to get the title of being called as the SOFTWARE ENGINEER at this huge company.

I don’t understand such people, if your wish was to do things like data entry and recursive work there was no objective in coming to this field.

A true engineer will always try to find a way to automate recursive work then doing manual labor..

Starting to learn things from absolute scratch…

I learned some basic HTML figured out how can i make a .html file and display it on browser .

Followed this tutorial amazing set of examples by w3school helped me to learn basic things.

Make sure you don’t rush the above set of tutorials play around with parameters experiment with things practice things by yourself, withing week you would be able to learn HTML completely,

Next i went to learn CSS how can style tables making my website responsive for multiple platforms, found this really helpful w3school.

Now with HTML and CSS i knew how can i basically draw anything on browser give it colors alignment and all those UI factors, now i needed something that can give logic to my UI.

Javascript was really easy to learn and it could run within the browser itself and i knew basics of C programming and python so i started learning javascript here.

Yes, you can have this title.

And well having this much knowledge is good enough to get you started in web-development and you should be good enough to crack any fresher or internship job in any national or multi-national company, of course if you need any.

So is being drop-out or having back-log(KT) bad?

Speaking about studies i had KT(Backlog) in few of my subjects and it is the actual reason why i was able to learn all these out of the box magic.

In my second year of engineering i didn’t had any money to play for ATKT forms so i thought about making some money to pay these, i thought about it as everything that i have learned in my past days was HTML CSS bootstrap javascript and i could easily make some cool looking static websites out of it, and came up with these idea that static websites for some shops and maybe i can get some money out of it and if not money ill definitely learn something that would be helpful in my web-development career.

I took my lapptop and made multiple static websites referencing some online templates for static website it took few weeks to learn things like parallax, particle effect , etc.. and i made cool looking 12–15 static websites.

what is ParticleJS. well it is this cool loking effect that you can add to your website canvas.

what is Paralax? Check this .

Learn paralax.

Loaded them on my laptop and approached few local shops if they need anything for their business and as i live in india local shops don’t really spend much on virtual things, so i couldn’t find any.

After few days of hustle i finally found a shop owner who had a antique shop and needed a website he liked a theme as well and i made a pitch of 4000 INR, and after some discussion he agreed.

How do i put a website to internet?

Yes this exact question came into my mind, well i made this pitch, made this static website put that shops name logo address text and pictures, but how do i deploy this on a domain like some one clicks on www. shopName .com and it opens my static website.

I thought about asking my college teachers but as per my past experiences were not great i thought about asking google rather then them.

So i found out that there are 2 set of things in deploying a website on internet,

  1. Domain.

So Domain is basically like the unique name that you buy for your website, its like you have a car and your number plate of your car is the domain.

  1. Host

Host is just a virtual computer.

Consider host to be nothing but a computer that is connected to internet.

Next step was to get a host and domain for my website.

I went to websites like namecheap, godaddy, etc. and checked price for the name that i wish to buy. It was available and i bought that domain for 600 INR (9$) from Namecheap.

Next job was to buy a domain i looked around and the cheapest i could find was around 280 INR(4$) per month that would be about 3360 INR for a year and that was something i didn’t think before i had a budget of 4000 INR and i would have to spend 3360 host and 600 domain(which i allraedy paid) which made my expence about 3960 INR and my profit was just 40 INR(0.5$) and well that was problematic for my KT fees.

I started to search for some kind of free hosting i did find some cheap things some alternate solutions but failed to find an actual host.

Then a friend of mine told me that there is this thing going on at google they are new to providing cloud services so you can link your credit/debit card there and they give you whooping 18000 INR(300$) credit to spend on cloud services, i was like the happiest person on this planet.

i linked my dad’s card and got 18000 free credits on google cloud and followed few tutorials on how to buy domain how to deploy a static HTML page on cloud host and it was pretty simple then linked domain to my free google micro host that is with minimum specs and uploaded with SSH and its really simple you could just follow a simple tutorial and its easy.

The site went up and i could just click www.example.com and BOOM it worked just as good and i showed it to the shop owner and he was happy with it, after few days he payed me cash i payed my ATKT fees and i was left with some money with myself as well, now i had a medium to make some actual money and learn something at the same time.

Going with the Flow …

I continued, looking around for potential people who would need an online website, found few more people and did the same thing, made some money along, then i came across this friend of mine who needed a E-commerce website and had plan to start some clothing brand,i had no idea how to make a E-com website but it saw this as a great opportunity to learn something new and unlock this new domain.

At first i thought about learning to make a E-com website right from scratch and looked around first thing that came into my mind was AMAZON, well i googled out and found that amazon was built using PHP( as other things listed there were out of my knowledge radar) i thought “ ok cool, lets make a E-com on PHP ”.

Typical Pepega move.

pepega is a term for small kid getting excited for small things.

E-com website is basically nothing but displaying set of products, so there are set of things involved in this.

  1. Display products.

2. Save products.

  • MY-SQL.

I thought about where should i begin so asked myself just like before and from the above requirements i knew everything accept MY-SQL.

Learning MY-SQL

Now i was all set, i tried to find some basic PHP example to make a E-com website i was looking for something that is very basic and helped me understand the fundamentals, i finally found something that was relevant and was explained with step by step tutorial how i can make a E-com website in php from absolute scratch.


I followed those tutorials for almost a month doing everything that he did step by step , i often got stuck at connecting MYSQL, looked around asked few friends and figured out learned a lot of things about wired things together, my previous knowledge with basic websites really helped me learning things in this tutorial.

All ways remember if you get stuck, take it as a challenge and find and fix it you live in 21st century and we have “google” and your not the first person on this planet to make a software so there would be a lot of people getting stuck where you got stuck , look around and you will find solution, that’s how you get better and learn.


Solution exist, yes they do. you just need to find it correctly and continuously.

You might think how do people get good at coding or become good software developers well finding solutions to problems that you face is the main key to get better and that’s the only way you reach excellence.

Just google it…

“ If you can’t help yourself none will spoon-feed you”

Trying to make amazon from scratch … hmm…

Yes sounds insane, but i tried to do it after coming to a point where i reached almost at the end of tutorial and i had kind of my product ready, i decided to show a demo to my friend whom i was making this for, he saw it and as you know it had a pretty basic UI and when it comes to handling bulk things you cant really have a UI as cool as a static website, so he was not really happy obviously as no one like a website that looks like some windows 98 window, so i had to do something about the UI part.

How do we do this transformation?

I asked one of my friend about it , he was a bit experienced in terms of development so he told me that i shouldn’t make a E-com from scratch as there are way more factors then what i thought such as,

  1. Payment options.
  2. A backend where a person can add new products.
  3. Sales Reports.
  4. SEO(search engine optimizations)
  5. Client support.
  6. Could be a muti-vender platform.


And i never thought about these.

I told him about my case that i had this job todo and needed to deliver a E-com website to a friend, so he suggested me to use something called as Opencart.

Opencart is nothing an online store management system, and a person can use it and make a E-com website easily, so i followed few totorials on opencart and it gave me a lot of tools , enough to make a ready platform for friends clothing brand, i further looked around and as from following tutorials i had a rough knowledge of PHP and MY-SQL and opencart being on the same thing helped me to modify things in code as per as my requirements.

I then found a stunning theme for website that can be integrated with my opencart backend and i installed and wired both of them together.

it took few days to salve problems that i face in wiring these two… after 2 weeks of hustle i figured that the error was with PHP version in a module of my opencart and my UI theme.

I had everything ready all set and all i needed was to put this on internet, just like i did for my static website, i followed same steps… bought a domain , bought a host (from my credit 14640 ) this time i bought a host with higher specifications 2 GB Ram .. 2 cores, and some 500 gb SSD. everything worked all well and the website went up. my friend loved it and with host and everything he payed me aroumd 45,000 INR ( 500 $)…. i gave it to my dad he felt really proud and guys once you start making money things do change….

to be continued in part 2…

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