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Blog: From Concept to Implementation

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As a company that brings totally new types of tools to business intelligence, constantly explores new ways of implementing innovative tech in day-to-day life and continuously researches how the “old” type of market is reacting to this innovation, it was extremely interesting for us to meet another company that operates with this new technology. During Mobile World Congress (MWC), we were happy to share some insights with PayXpert. We had a long conversation, sharing some real-life cases of the non-consumer market and the future of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in it.

PayXpert is a payment provider company, which which has taken on the task of simplifying the payment methods worldwide. They do a lot of hard work in bringing a universal ability to seamlessly change imperfect payment methods to innovative and secure ones.

We were excited to see how this passionate discussion rapidly grew into the real integration of ORBL solution based on identix.one Facial Recognition platform with PayXpert kiosks. Yes, with technology, it is all about inspiration. When you start to imagine, the things you develop with your own hands here and now are capable of changing the lives of millions, and this is pretty exciting! Moved by this passion, PayXpert developers finished the integration within two days.

ORBL’s open API and tools made for developers made it possible and easy. Only a few days after, the product was up and running.

Video from The E-Show Barcelona Expo and Conference.

Just imagine your face becoming a payment method. No phones, no cards, no carrying cash in your pockets. This is totally changing the reality of consumption.

Cards can be stolen or lost, cash can be eaten by dogs, crypto… well, we won’t even go there.

But if your face is linked to all the payment information, then you are safe to go wherever you want with no worries at all.

ORBL technology is built on vector creation, it does not store or operate with any private data, which makes it totally GDPR-compliant, so you can be sure that nobody will be able to get any personal information about yourself. One of the additional security features is “liveness,” which provides the ability to recognize if there is a person in front of the camera or if it is just a picture.

If you are a retailer, imagine your regular customer being able to proceed with a payment simply using facial recognition, with no need to provide a card for the purchase. If it’s a loyal customer, you can open a credit line just by identifying the person’s face. For example, a hotel could use facial recognition for the check-in and check-out process with just a face and an identifying document. Imagine a ski resort where, instead of carrying a wallet in your ski-suit, you could order hot tea within less than a second, just by looking at a camera and choosing your favourite flavour.

Every week, by interacting with our partners and customers, we are learning new solutions about how the technology of face recognition can simplify our lives and make it more safe, secure and easy. We are quite sure that we still don’t know all of the possible implementations, but we are very excited to learn and to take part in these incredible changes happening in the world.

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