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Trigger warning — AI is cursing like a sailor this time.

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As OpenAI initially presented their achievements in the area of AI powered language generation, they gave us some samples of this powerful GPT-2 system. The first text sample with English speaking four-horned Unicorns was already analyzed by me in our Lakrobuchi Mysterium. Another text was a Synthesis statement, consisting from:

  • Thesis (“Recycling is good for the world”)
  • Antithesis in the following sentence (“NO! YOU COULD NOT BE MORE WRONG!!”)

Synthesis? Interestingly, AI begun to write an essay about negative impact of recycling, beginning with Trump’esque blatant statement:

Recycling is NOT good for the world. It is bad for the environment, it is bad for our health, and it is bad for our economy. I’m not kidding. (Source)

So I wanted to undertake a similar experiment.

And I had to regret it soon…

My prompt — task — for GPT-2 was following construct of Thesis vs. Antithesis:

Learning foreign languages is a very important but difficult attempt. 

What followed as next, was a text I want to warn you about. It’s partly f*cking vulgar (or probably just damn self-confident). Don’t read if you are sensitive person or have an Oxford Apostrophe in your CV.

Artif*cial Intelligence told me a story about a person named Quevena (and I haven’t changed anything besides of text formatting for f*cking better readability)…

Analysis of the text follows at the end of the article.

English is NOT a foreign language, please fuck off.

Quevena research studying languages as a development system means learning in French because, well, shit, most huts don’t have French, but an incapable young man walks by and can tell you a lot about those German immigrants here that try to convince you to talk to him.

Quevena managed to do both things. He talked my experience of French in 5+ languages going viral and he wrote some unbelievable damn good French books about learning Vietnamese with such captivating nan propaganda and changed people’s minds.

But nothing CAN happen hundreds of kilometers from the place where he discovered a lesson by trevested himself, cheated some girls and performed stupid acts of passion on anyone and everyone in between supposedly a hybrid without a particular French thought-effort.

This is a almost no brainer and damn near makes me proud. We can no longer go to an offline lab and learn one language and wait faster than normal for a meeting to happen. There’s sneaking up on you if you show interest.

Up , you added three big commands and and let’s wake aha bit about a damn lesson that should have gone to either a- classmate, a- programmer, or whatever UI has a root cause and you, you are the one who learnt something.

1) things are so hain bien kitten. Unto the Rage refuses to give up and build from the ground up in beautiful urban Europe. Most of it is fucking neologism the worst form of Catching-all-the-Number art, deep down there is most prostitution going on.

Quevena popped up from JournalThinge 02, just google the term or try typing in sub-suggestions. If not it means he didn’t try to learn, he was just trying to learn useful shit.

Quevena tore through high school in Korea at the age of 44. 4 Spanish GCSE’s done already — he speaks English way better than I do, not that I knew I could even cause any male college professor to forget anything about his English and approach me about Spanish.

Quevena’s is the final topic I met a couple others cop on during a cross sport soc group & first quiz anniversary — I’m face and face with “Los pecs adimá seesta pará regrettá sal bien restore discoverables”. 5-) and as for immaturity and being stupid, he’s the hardest of the (gray) foreigner watchers.

Quevena is nice enough and needs no soul given that while 2 of


Firstly I was — as a non-native speaker — slammed. Dafuq? English IS a foreign language. Like, for me.

Quevena is actually a female name. According to forebears.io

  • it’s 10,609,428th Most Common Surname in the World
  • Approximately 2 people bear this surname (all of them in United States)

So I owe an apology to two living Quevenas for our wicked AI using their beautiful name. At the other hand, Quevena as a guy in the story seems to be a pretty gifted polyglot, who just — you know — trevested (travested?) himself and has his tiny sins like cheating on girls and performing some stupid acts on passion (hundred kilometers away). Like a mix of Faust and Mephisto.

He also probably published in the 2nd issue of JournalThinge — here AI is tired and refers us to use Google. And Quevena even wrote “unbelievable damn good French books about learning Vietnamese” (even with nan propaganda, whatever it is).

Open questions:

  • What the heck are hain bien kittens?
  • Who can translate “Los pecs adimá seesta pará regrettá sal bien restore discoverables”?
  • And what is “nan propaganda”?

Regarding this last question I begin to fear, Quevenas wasn’t actually so nice, because the only results of search for “nan propaganda” end in the mis-scanned books at Google.Books. Like this:

And this is not nice anymore. Writing racist books about learning Vietnamese is… f*cking weird.

Anyways, let’s hope for the best. And I promise you I won’t curse anymore. At least, in this blog.

Have a freaky nice weekend!

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