ProjectBlog: Everything You Need To Know About Video Doorbells

Blog: Everything You Need To Know About Video Doorbells

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Video doorbells are one of the hottest home automation products on the market today.

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Owning a home makes one feel as if they’ve finally achieved the American Dream. Aspiring homeowners also want a sense of security and convenience in order to protect their families.

Products like video doorbells give consumers what they want.

But how exactly do they work? Does the actual perk of protecting the home sound too good to be true?

Far from it.

What Is A Video Doorbell?

The Technical Stuff

To put it simply, video doorbells are a kind of “smart” doorbell that make home security and protection a bit more convenient.

These products connect to a home’s Wi-Fi and lets the consumer see, hear and speak to visitors at their door. Homeowners won’t need to go near the door and open it to address the visitor.

What makes video doorbells valuable are their capabilities and the advantages they provide.

Why Smart Video Doorbells Are an Advantage

Photo from Digital Trends article, “Across the U.S., popular video doorbells are recording their own thefts.”


The biggest feature of video doorbells is how convenient they are for anybody. Small things like that can definitely make a difference.

Homeowners won’t need to go near the door and open it to address the need.

Most video doorbells (and smart doorbells in general) provide instant alerts via phone. Once an alert is sent, the consumer can then see who is at the door and even communicate with them.

Quick and Easy

Video doorbells are quick to install and easy to use.

These products typically come with infrared night vision camera technology to allow the homeowner to see who is there, no matter what time it is. The HD Cameras provide crisp, clear images and snap photos of whoever is at the door.

There’s no learning curve for visitors. All they have to do is press a button the same way they would use any other doorbell. Once the aforementioned alert is sent to the homeowner, communication sets in.

Safety and Security

Video doorbells act like a knight standing guard at the entrance to the castle. It is the eyes and ears of the smart home security system, whether the homeowner is within the walls or away.

In the case of a suspicious visitor, the homeowner can see who they are without going near the door and can maybe even record their identity. If an intruder is at the door, no one will have to open the door in case they try to get in.

These user-friendly products protect families and give them peace of mind.

Popular Video Doorbells


Ring is, without a doubt, the most popular kind of video doorbell on the market today.

Created in 2012 by Jamie Siminoff, the Ring video doorbell strives to reduce crime in neighborhoods.


According to the SkyBell website, “SkyBell was founded with the mission to improve our everyday lives by creating simple and useful products for the smart home, starting with the front door.”

SkyBell is quickly becoming a leading developer in the home automation industry. The company was even nominated for a 2014 CES Innovations Design and engineering Award!

Products from SkyBell have a beautiful design made with superior quality products.

Their video doorbells have a ton of excellent features, including 1080p camera with full-color night vision, motion sensor and live alerts.


RemoBell is another great brand that provides easy and affordable ways for homeowners to keep track of everything going on in their home.

The video doorbell features from RemoBell operate on AA batteries so that way the consumer can install it anywhere without being restricted by power outlets or complicated wires.

What makes RemoBell stand out is how straight-forward and easy they make the video doorbell installation process.

This doorbell also shares access with up to 5 people using the same login, is weatherproof and can link to the home’s Alexa or Google Home device for even smarter features.


Video doorbell features from dbell make them a huge staple to any home automated security system.

When using a dbell doorbell, the homeowner can save doorbell footage onto their Dropbox, OneDrive and iCloud. They will never have to worry about whether a suspicious visitor was at their front steps or not.

Doorbells from the dbell brand also come with benefits like motion and audio detection, night vision and weatherproof capabilities.

To compare the most popular kinds of video doorbells, the article below can give you a better idea of what features to look for:

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