ProjectBlog: Entrepreneur — The Beginning

Blog: Entrepreneur — The Beginning

Lots of ideas and my passion for technology led me to start my own Enterprise recently. Not an easy task, but also not something that I cannot take on. Standing out, or be bit different or start something that’s one of its own kind, maybe these thought every entrepreneur have, and with it, I started mine too.

The first step, the company name, that will be unique, and which will push me to work for, or inspire me always. The name that motivates you, or relates to you, makes a great difference to push yourself and work for the better of the company. With all the combinations and all the suggestion, finally, I landed to one, Adevair Technologies Private Limited.

With the name on board and project in mind, I also got ready with the right mindset to work for it. Excitement, with a little uncertainty and fear, I have to cope up with ups and downs that come my way. All I have in mind is the GROWTH of the enterprise.

One definitely needs Vision for the next few years considering the available resources and technologies available, can definitely help you out in boosting the morale and working harder. With vision, one definitely must be sure about the audience for the product or services.

Right product or services, at the right time, at the right place to the right audience makes thing interesting.

Don’t worry about others who might, might not understand what you are trying to achieve, coz the vision is clear in your head, and others might not have the same perspective or might not really get the same vision for that product or services. So please don’t let yourself down, and work if you feel it right, work until you achieve.

The understanding market will be a difficult process, so talk to people, gather their requirements and necessities, research and plan, if the market is ready for your product or services. You might have to work day in and out to make it happen, and every passing hour will make you realise, you have an hour less to work on your release date. You will have to work all your hours but trust me, it will be worth it at the end.

It will be worth it for sure.


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