ProjectBlog: Enterprise Mobility Trends

Blog: Enterprise Mobility Trends

As the number of devices and the volume of analyzed data grows, enterprise mobility is becoming a crucial part of the enterprise segment. Keeping on top of the 2019 trends will allow you to create a new or improve the existing e-business solutions.

In the article, we present our selection of the most important developments in the area.

You will learn the implications of new generations of cellular and wireless network technology. We’ll discuss in what ways connectivity performance influences the adoption of IoT in manufacturing and other sectors. As you know, cloud services create great opportunities in this area, but there are applications that require edge computing, and you should be aware of it as well.

Artificial intelligence will continue its triumphant journey in a business environment. Chatbots and voice assistants will take over a larger lump of workload, but so far human employees’ jobs are secure. AI will only perform the most menial and monotonous tasks.

At last, we will review the BYOD approach and its implications for corporate security.

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium

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