Blog: Engineering + Degree and still struggling on getting a“JOB”.

People these days complete their graduation or engineering’s and they often are jobless and eventually doing donkey jobs just to make a living.

People say that there is UN-EMPLOYMENT in Engineering and people are not getting jobs because of it, well this is completely false in fact there is UNDER-EMPLOYMENT in most scientific fields.

I know there is like a mentality of getting a job as soon as possible for any engineering or graduate student and there is a huge misconception that there are lac of job opportunities or unemployment in terms of jobs in any field, well this is completely false there is in fact unemployment in most scientific fields.

I have observed that most students that do engineering lac in knowledge and some just join engineering or a degree just because people around them influence them that this field has so called “SCOPE” in future.

They some how manage to complete their engineering with backlogs and KT’s eventually ending up in working at call-centers or data-entry jobs or end up filling excel sheets everyday in a multi-national companies just to get the title of being called as the SOFTWARE ENGINEER at this huge company.

I don’t understand such people, if your wish was to do things like data entry and recursive work there was no objective in coming to this field.

A true engineer will always try to find a way to automate recursive work then doing manual labor..

Where and how to begin ? where and what to learn ?

Think about it like this,

consider you wish to do a job in web development and you somehow manage to complete you degree or your under-graduate and you wish to learn things and get a good job.

But i want to learn ML and AI, so i should learn python. right?.. here is the answer.

Considering web development the most popular things in web development are AI, ML, Angular, NodeJs….. well as yourself are you understand any of these? NO. its okay,

lets go 1 step down, next is Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3 lets ask yourself again, do i master any of these? NO, no problem.

lets go 1 more step down, there was basic HTML again ask yourself well thank god HTML is something that is easy and we have a rough idea what HTML is and this is where we begin.

learning basic’s of Web development.

Here is how i started learning.

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