ProjectBlog: Engaging the future

Blog: Engaging the future

Just an introduction

Around one year ago, I was told to be the “domain expert” of one of the projects my firm was involved. I didn’t know how much my mind would be opened because of this assignment at that time… even I didn’t know what a domain expert meant.

I am by definition a Civil Engineer. I got finished my studies and started in Tunnelling projects, big projects I would say. These Tunnel Boring Machines became my babies and until now, my whole career has been linked with all type of tunnels. After 15 years of “boring” works, and thanks to the great marketing someone(s) around did on Tunnelling Industry, part of the eyes where put on how to minimize everything except the production.

Artificial Intelligence, as you guess, is not a new player in the twenty-first century, but suddenly this old topic began a need for the society and new teams along all the firms were created to study everything that could be studied. I was introduced to this world without knowing I was. My expertise on Tunnel Boring Machines became useful to a small team which wanted to extract more information than usual, and I did my part. This was the seed of my new understanding of the new situation the world is living.

I started to read about Artificial Intelligence and its concepts, to touch programming languages, to make some data courses and to try to understand holistically this undiscovered world (for me).

One of my main concerns was to figure out why there are not too much material on Artificial Intelligence related with the Tunnel Industry. I found some articles, thesis from, I assume current PhD holders, but this area is still pending to be accelerated.

Articles will be commented, trends will be highlighted, new AI models and methods with potential use to the tunnelling works too.

Curiosity is the fuel of our minds, so let’s accelerate it and be curious.

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