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8 leaders to follow on Twitter — get your feet wet in Data Science!

If you are new to Data Science, or are thinking of dipping your toe in the water, try following a few leaders in the Data Science community on Twitter. If you don’t mind my corny water-related puns, you may even want to swim upstream into Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning content.

The Data Science community is surprisingly welcoming and accessible! Here are a few of my favorite people in the field on Twitter:

1)Data Science Renee (@BecomingDataSci) has got to be at the top of the resource list for any up and coming data scientist. Check out her website, podcast and “Jobs for Data Scientists” listing for a comprehensive list of resources.

2)Ted Petrou (@TedPetrou) publishes a collection of Python and Pandas instructional materials, and tweets tips on each. Check him out for hands-on practical instruction. Note that most content is downloadable for a reasonable fee.

3) Vicki Boykis (@vboykis) is a serious data scientist but I enjoy her “slice of life” observations as a data scientist as much as her technical information.

4) Joy Buolamwini (@jovialjoy) is a leading academic at MIT in the area of algorithmic bias. She recently testified regarding the Algorithmic Justice League’s work on facial recognition AI bias to the US House of Representatives.

5) Sam Finlayson (@IAmSamFin) is an MD-PhD Candidate at Harvard Medical School/MIT. He focuses on the intersection of machine learning and healthcare, primarily the diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases. If you might enjoy a sample of biological sciences AI/ML peer reviewed paper commentary, give him a follow.

6) Lex Fridman (@lexfridman)is MIT’s autonomous vehicle AI guru. Many of his lectures and of course his research are easily found in his bio. If you want a deep dive into many facets of MIT’s Deep Learning work regarding autonomous vehicles, this is a great starting point.

7) Fei Fei Li is one of the U.S.’s preeminent AI scientists. She is the co-director of the Stanford Human-Centered AI Institute, and the Chair of AI4ALL.

8) Rachel Thomas (@math_rachel) is a Professor at the University of San Francisco, and co-founder of, a great source of free, no-ad courses on Deep Learning and Machine Learning. Her twitter is a rich resource for academic offerings, articles and events on AI, and related topics.

Once you get your feet wet by engaging with a few experts, it’s time to jump in and swim! My next posts will explore a few more resources for Data Science newbies.

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