ProjectBlog: Discovery Node Preliminary VReward distribution 5/01/19 — 5/31/19

Blog: Discovery Node Preliminary VReward distribution 5/01/19 — 5/31/19

How to Vote for Discovery Node

Register your votes to receive rewards

Discovery Node is trying to encourage community members to be actively involved with the chain. Staking and Voting are the fundamental aspect of Bottos chain. To encourage this we’ll be starting off the first Reward distribution plan of any node. Rewards will be relative to the amount of votes we receive. The more the votes the larger the reward pool will be.
Note that rewards will be subject to change as we are working out the most optimal rewards for everyone.

First batch of rewards for the month of May will be a pool of 10,000 BTO.

– The longer you have your BTO voted for us during the month of May the more BTO you’ll get.
– Minimum amount of BTO needed to be voted is 1000 to be eligible for rewards.
– Allow time for verification & calculation of rewards to be sent out after 5/31/19.
– Account name signed up will be the one who receives the reward.

Example if the total amount of BTO voted to us by applicants is 500,000 and you contributed 100,000 of the votes for the entire month you can expect 2,000 BTO rewards. If you voted 100,000 but only started to vote for us in the middle of May you could expect 1,000 BTO rewards.

Please make sure that once you voted, you also register your vote in order to join in the reward distribution pool. Vote then register!

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