Nowadays, almost every activity in this world is done by the support of technology. Technology is just like something that everybody needs to survive day after day in their own life. It is possible for anybody to learn something new with technology and do whatever they want and be whatever they want too. Anything is possible with technology, because everything has been automatized, very fast, and easy to find. This world is become more sophisticated like it’s already been told in the cartoon or movies that we watch when we were so young and innocent. Now, we’re going to narrow down our topic into the internet, because internet has a massive impact through humans life. Not like another kind of technology, internet can be categorized as a cheap technology if we look at its function. Internet is become more powerful when search engine support its performance to make an amazing experience to anybody that use it, that the internet make everybody could get anything they want and use it to develop something more sophisticated and more valuable for humans life.

When people surfing in the internet, they didn’t realize that they’re got such a big responsibility for themselves either for anybody else. As we know, human always be human. We are not a robot, that is heartless and doesn’t have a mindset. Human can be described psychologically when we cannot do the same thing with a robot. Human has feelings and personality to live their life normally. Human have a desire in everything. Human will always be human and it won’t be change. The only thing that can be changed in Humans life is their personality and their behavior. Human always learn to be the best and reach their desire and satisfy themselves with the results that they wanted or even better. But, did you ever think about what will human do when they cannot receive their goals in this digital world ?; Here’s the thing. Human has a personality and has a desire, so by that conditions, automatically human will do anything to reach their goal or satisfy their desire with their real personality. We might think if they didn’t reach their goal, they will try it over again. That thing is way too lame. This is the era of “Social Media” where people could reach anything and be anything they wanted to be.

Social media is the place where people could interact each other even they were separated by thousands of islands or thousand miles of distance. People in social media could be anything they want. If they wanted to be wise, they can just share everything that makes them look like they are really kind of a wise person, so everyone would love them. Some people might think this is not a serious problem. Of course it is not a big deal if it’s just done by one person. We know that internet is a big place that anybody had a free access into it. If there is many people do that thing as well, how this world could be then. Everybody will fake their personality in the cyberspace, so everyone will be attracted. We couldn’t get this happen massively. Now, many people have already done that thing to get money or to be famous, in the virtual world. But, what do they did exactly in the real world. They will be famous in the internet by their cyber personality, but in the real world everybody actually hates them because of their real personality. Maybe it’s not serious enough if it is just a bunch of people who fake their personality. Don’t you ever know if someone fake their personality and could attract anyone, it might be a criminal purpose. For example, there’s an old man who fake their social media and being a 17 years old guy and attract a girl in the same age and held an appointment so by the time they meet each other he will kidnap her. That is the reason why we should keep our personality online and in reality.

Internet could be a place that someone could change their mind and being someone that they are not supposed to be. Internet could be a bad influence for some people. The bad influence for this people is that bunch of people that fake their personality and try to influence other in the wrong way. This is a serious trouble now. Nowadays internet is filled with anything useless and some kind of dangerous. Maybe the things aren’t shown up obviously, but this kind of thing is more dangerous than an obvious thing. People need to know how to behave in the internet so the internet could be a save place for people to improve themselves and doing thing that are more valuable than now.

Technology are made to make people increase their level of intelligence. This world need technology to support, not make technology to do all the things. There’s always been a difference between Artificial Intelligence and Natural Intelligence. That’s a big difference too between Cyber Personality and Real Personality. Maybe now the impact isn’t change anything yet, but it needs to stop before this world become a world that lack of honesty. We are human must be able to take control of technology not to controlled by the technology.

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium