Blog: Diagnosing Medical Conditions with Algorithms

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Comparing algorithms to doctors, I believe that algorithms can be more accurate than doctors. AI is constantly learning the things a human would at a faster rate. Meaning that the algorithms data gathering is only improving the accuracy more and more. Does that mean they will take over their jobs? No, at least not for a long long time, but even then they wont take over their jobs because patients would rather communicate with real beings rather than robots.

I believe that deep learning in Health Care is ethical because we are able to take advantage of the technology to help diagnose diseases that a doctor wouldn’t be able to detect as quickly. I do not think that we must rely on the algorithms 100%, but to only use it as a helper tool to help patients. Deep learning is only getting smarter and smarter for the amount of data that is being processed.

Machines are machines and we must not humanize them. Yes they may be able to help patients out but analyzing their lives detect sicknesses. I believe that if patients are being used for their learning algorithms they MUST be aware of that. There must not be any data that is being recorded without the persons consent or how that data will be used.

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