ProjectBlog: DeepCloud AI Decentralizes Cloud Computing Platform for AI-Driven Apps

Blog: DeepCloud AI Decentralizes Cloud Computing Platform for AI-Driven Apps

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Project Overview
DeepCloud AI is a cloud computing platform that is driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) for running decentralized applications, including Internet-of-Things applications and Web 3.0 decentralized applications. This simple definition may seem byzantine due to all of the technical terms in it. Let’s dig into each of them to understand how DeepCloud AI project actually works and what it offers to its users.

Let’s start with the AI part of the definition. Artificial Intelligence allows a computer program or a computerized machine to think and to make decisions based on certain variables and parameters. Proper implementation of AI gives a higher degree of autonomy to the computer while reducing the role of human and manual labors when accomplishing certain tasks.

DeepCloud AI employs AI technology to analyze transactions and to deliver the best reactive and predictive strategies to deal with them. Reactive strategies monitor current states of transactions and monitor them whereas predictive strategies inspect historical transaction data to give predictions of future system behavior.

These reactive and predictive strategies make up a smart platform for running decentralized apps. Decentralized apps gain a surge of popularity within the last years, especially due to the privacy risk posed by centralized apps. In the past, people were confident enough with the centralized apps’ reliability in protecting their private data and anonymity. However, since the revelation of privacy infringements committed by some centralized apps, especially the infamous Facebook case, more and more people are more eager to adopt a more decentralized application environment.

In such a decentralized environment, the network is driven by peer-to-peer interaction with no centralized entity managing the network. In order for such interaction to occur productively, a platform is needed. DeepCloud AI is a state-of-the-art cloud platform for decentralized apps that will act as a marketplace with all of its luxuries, including computing functionalities and storage resources, that can be used by individuals and companies that become members of the network.

What makes DeepCloud AI an excellent platform for decentralized apps is its AI-driven infrastructure, which allows the allocation of resources to be more efficient. With the parameters used by its AI algorithm, every network user can get resources from the closest possible sources in a very efficient way.
Now, where can this sophisticated AI-driven platform be effectively and practically implemented? DeepCloud AI mentions Internet-of-Things and Web 3.0 dApps as its main targets. Internet-of-Things is basically a concept denoting everyday objects that are powered by the internet. These objects range from televisions and home cleaning equipment to car equipment. Everything that you use every day, as long as it can connect to the internet that supports many luxuries that the internet offers, is affected by this technology.

Web 3.0 is also called the Semantic Web. It can learn users’ behavior and help them make the best decisions automatically. If you usually order your food online, this technology will record the most frequently contacted restaurants and food vendors so that whenever you need to order food, your smart device knows immediately where the food should be ordered from. The same can also be done to the TV channels and programs that you usually watch and the destinations your car usually goes to.

Both IoT and Web 3.0 involve the recording and learning of users’ data, including their most private and confidential ones. If you rely on a centralized platform, even the slightest privacy risk may cause devastation and huge losses. In a decentralized platform that is sophisticatedly driven by AI, you can enjoy all of the luxuries of IoT and Web 3.0 without exposing yourself and your data to unwanted risks.

Users can get DEEP Token to enjoy excellent privacy, anonymity, and decentralization features that DeepCloud AI offers. The Token can be used to gain access to the DeepCloud AI network and to enjoy all features that it offers, including computing and storage resources. High-End Users can also use the token to gain access to all premium features that this platform offers.

DEEP Token is an ERC-20 Token that is compatible with the Ethereum network. Anyone familiar enough with Ethereum should have no problem dealing with this token. Despite being compatible with the Ethereum network, DEEP Token cannot be used in an Ethereum network because it is designed to be scalable on its own dedicated blockchain.

DeepCloud AI is designed to be a secure platform that provides complete protection to its users from frauds, cyber-attacks, and other issues by creating a protective area around Intel’s SGX Invention and by continuously tracking all activities that occur on the platform.

DeepCloud AI project is backed by 9 core team members.
1. Max Rye (CEO)
An AI researcher with 15 years of experience in cloud computing

2. Geeta Chauhan (CTO)
25 years of experience in cloud and blockchain-based platforms

3. Miroslav Sala (CPO)
12 years of commercial experience

A software architect with 13 years of experience in cloud and AI systems

A streaming and blockchain expert with 18 years of experience

5 years of experience in AI and blockchain

4 years of experience in growth hacking, digital marketing, and business management

Experienced in community management

9. Kevin de Koning (HEAD OF DIGITAL CONTENT)
The owner of DRK Media, a company that is is specialized in making 2D and 3D animations.

Besides these key team members, DeepCloud AI is also counseled by a team of 5 advisory members.

With IoT and Web 3.0 becoming a norm nowadays, privacy and private data will be more exposed to unwanted risks if they are put on a centralized platform whose integrity and reliability can rarely be trusted. DeepCloud AI establishes an IoT and Web 3.0 dApps platform that is not only decentralized and blockchain-based but also AI-driven. This sophisticated platform will ensure that both the users’ privacy and the platform’s efficiency can be guaranteed.

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