Blog: Decentralized AI Alliance (DAIA) Welcomes XYO as Newest Partner

“Creating the Future of Decentralized AI” is the focus of DAIA, the Decentralized AI Alliance, a global alliance of leading participants in the AI and blockchain ecosystems, coming together to collectively solve common challenges and create what the group calls “an amazing future.”

XYO is in full agreement with the vision and direction of the group and has joined as a full member and partner to the organization.

The Decentralized AI Alliance (DAIA) was created to foster a world where AI technology and the associated data are made open, with decentralized and democratic control for the benefit of all sentient beings. DAIA was founded on the belief that the best way forward is to come together and work pragmatically toward the creation of a better future. DAIA is gathering major blockchain based AI-related projects to collaborate on standards and shared projects, to discuss common needs requirements, ideas, and more.

“We believe that Blockchain and AI are the perfect match. DAIA is gathering major Blockchain based AI-related projects together to funnel the interest of AI developers and users towards decentralized AI technologies,” said DAIA Chairman Dr. Ben Goertzel. “We value every partnership and having XYO joining forces with DAIA to create a world where AI technologies and associated data are made open with decentralized and democratic control for the benefit of humanity is an incredible opportunity.”

For those interested in keeping up on developments with DAIA, including XYO’s participation, please visit the group on Telegram, or see a high-level proposal on the group written by Dr. Goertzel.

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium

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